Neuchâtel 2022 Daily: Adrian Teh and THE ASSISTANT, Monia Chokri and BABYSITTER, Lee Jang-Hoon and MIRACLE

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Traditionally, Friday marks the end of the working week for much of the world, to which we say: "Bah!" Here at Screen Anarchy, Friday marks the beginning of renewed cinematic opportunities to feast on genre goodness from all parts of the world, including Switzerland, aka the heart of Europe, aka the home of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival.

Today marks encore screenings of excellent films, including Alex van Warmerdam's sly and brilliant No. 10, the fiery brilliance of Ashkal, the darkly comic Dual, the Thai monster flick Leio, and the Japanese gangster flick Bad City, which we've all reviewed -- look for links below the gallery -- and are recommended, among others.

In the gallery below, we consider three films that we haven't yet seen, but which all sound quite good and right up our alley of genre interest. Click through to read more and watch the official videos.

The Assistant
Screens this afternoon at 14:00. Visit the official festival page to learn more

Malaysian director Adrian Teh began by making comedies before making a couple horror thrillers and then enjoyed great success with his patriotic military adventure Paskal and the family-themed martial-arts drama Wira, which I wrote about back in 2020. His newest films looks to focus mostly on fighting, breaking bones, spilling blood, and sneering bad guys.

Per the festival, here's the synopsis: "Zafik is a young father who is wrongfully sent to prison. When he gets out, he discovers his family has tragically disappeared. Driven by the need to uncover the truth, he soon joins forces with Feroz, his late wife’s cousin.

"After Wira (2019), Adrian Teh solidifies his place among the new masters of action with this intense thriller filled to the brim with cinema and stylised fights. But beware! In this story, appearances can be deceiving."

Check out the trailer below, which includes a nice surprise in its final moments.

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