Trailer: REBECCA, With Ben Wheatley at the Helm, Looks Fab, Ghostly

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Trailer: REBECCA, With Ben Wheatley at the Helm, Looks Fab, Ghostly

Frankly, when I first saw news that a new version of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca was on its way from Netflix, I rolled my eyes. 'They'll remake anything,' I thought, 'even a classic film by Alfred Hitchcock! How dare they!'

Then I realized Ben Wheatley was at the helm, and my interest has since grown exponentially, an interest that has been fanned considerably by the arrival of a new trailer.

The top-billed stars grab the attention, of course, as well they should: Lily James and Armie Hammer have proven to have dramatic depth well beyond their surface beauty, and Kristen Scott-Thomas will be make a superb Mrs. Danvers, who rules the manor where a young wife comes to reside with her new aristocratic husband. It is her husband's first wife, Rebecca, whose spirit appears to command everything, and that proves to be an issue of growing importance to everyone involved.

The trailer first establishes the new film's appealing, tranquil qualities -- who wouldn't want to live in remote comfort and safety nowadays? -- before introducing the elements that may well make this a highlight of next month. (For a refresher on Hitchcock's classic, check out our own J. Hurtado on the Blu-ray.)

Director Ben Wheatley nabbed our attention with his shoestring productions on a variety of genre titles, films that always exceeded their budgets in their vivid imaginations. Wheatley worked with Armie Hammer on Free Fire (2016) and also directed several episodes of the CBS All-Access television series Strange Angel, which were notable for their classic styling and horrific inclinations.

Rebecca is headed for Netflix on October 21. Watch the trailer below.

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