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Notes on Streaming: THE RUTHLESS Takes Criminal Aim, RAMY Takes a Spiritual Journey

Plus: 'Blue My Mind' shakes up Shudder.

Notes on Streaming: HANNA Shoots to Kill, British TRAITORS Intrigues

Also: Watch 'King Cohen' on Shudder, plus three more Larry Cohen films.

Notes on Streaming: Shudder's CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE, Taiwan's GREEN DOOR

Plus: Japan's 'My Husband Won't Fit.'


Plus: 'Cheap Thrills,' 'Free Solo' and 'Shoplifters' arrive.

Notes on Streaming: Gregg Araki's NOW APOCALYPSE, Singapore's GRISSE, Turkey's IMMORTALS

We've got it all: young people, historical action, and Turkish vampires.

Genre Streaming Picks: INTO THE DARK: TREEHOUSE, Xavier Gens' BUDAPEST

Plus: 'A Boy and His Dog' arrives on Shudder.

THE OA: Part II Trailer: Netflix's Ambitious Sci-fi Series is Back with a Twist

After three long years of waiting, fans of The OA will finally get to see what happened to Brit Marling following the dramatic and somewhat controversial ending of the series' first season. If you are new to the series, I...

NOMMER 37's Nosipho Dumisa to Direct Teen Series BLOOD & WATER For Netflix

Excellent news for fans of Nosipho Dumisa and her Hitchcock-esque thriller Nommer 37 (Number 37). Yesterday it was announced that Netflix ordered another original series from South Africa, to be co-written and co-directed by Dumisa.    The teen and female-centric...

Notes on Streaming: DOOM PATROL Intrigues, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Exhausts

Plus: Doc series 'Lorena' tells a strange, true story, filled with conflicts.

Review: HIGH FLYING BIRD, A Sly Side-Eye at Modern Sports Slavery

Andre Holland, Zazie Beetz, Melvin Gregg, Bill Duke and Kyle MacLachlan star in Steven Soderbergh's drama, which digs far deeper than expected.

Notes on Streaming: RUSSIAN DOLL Rocks

Also: Daniel Stamm's 'Into the Dark: Down,' Jonas Ã…kerlund's 'Polar.'

RESIDENT EVIL Headed for Further Resurrection on Netflix

I would have dearly loved to have seen what sort of movie George A. Romero might have made out of the video game series, but his vision for Resident Evil was never realized and instead we saw what Paul W.S....

Notes on Streaming: FYRE Fever

The disastrous Fyre Festival in 2017 has inspired two new feature documentaries, both now available on competing streaming services.

KINGDOM Trailer: Korean Zombies Roar to Life in a Period Setting

Zombies make their presence known in a new trailer for Kingdom, a Korean-language series that is heading for its global premiere on Netflix on January 25. The English-language title may be generic, but I like what is being teased. Per...

Notes on Streaming: MANDY Gets Reckless, THE WORLD IS YOURS Stays Cool

Busting out of the gate at Sundance this past January, Panos Cosmatos' Mandy, starring Nicolas Cage, drew huge attention, especially, I suspect, from those who had disregarded Beyond the Black Rainbow, which was gorgeous and haunting in both spirit and...

Notes on Streaming: Good News, No News and Things That Make Me Wonder

Good news for Criterion, no news for FilmStruck, and studios producing films directly for streaming services makes me wonder.

Review: THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, The Coens Struggle on Netflix

Netflix's seemingly low-key ongoing rebrand tripped over frustratingly familiar stumbling blocks with The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Originially conceived of as a series -- and only quite recently announced as a converted feature -- The Ballad of Buster Scruggs definitely bares...

Review: In CAM, Horror Unfolds in Open View of the World

In the twentieth century, it used to be decades (more often never) for our technological fears, and their refracted social mores, to manifest themselves into some kind of actuality. Now it seems the cycle-time of what we can conceive of,...

Notes on Streaming: HOMECOMING Compels, HOUSE OF CARDS Wraps, THEY'LL LOVE ME WHEN I'M DEAD Captivates

The new film by David Mackenzie, Outlaw King, is my pick of this weekend's streaming crop. Chris Pine, Florence Pugh and Aaron Taylor Johnson star; the historical battles and heated drama look impressive (watch trailer below). Mackenzie (Hell or High...

Review: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, Orson Welles' Raw, Fascinating Vision, Refined By Others

In 1975, I became aware of the existence of Orson Welles' The Other Side of the Wind. Excerpts were broadcast on a major television network during the third AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony, honoring Welles. I was electrified at the...