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Now Streaming: CANNON BLASTERS, Jaunty Adventures in a Comic Wasteland

The anime series is a colorful blast of fresh air.

Now Streaming: WU ASSASSINS, Iko Uwais Goes Wild, But That's Not All

Iko Uwais stars in a wildly-entertaining melange of martial arts, Chinatown crime, Asian-American issues, and fantasy adventure.

LOVE ALARM Trailer: Live-Action Korean YA Romance Rings Cartoon Bells

Netflix does not appear to have a unified strategy for programming Asian movies and TV show, which makes it all the more intriguing to a Western outsider. Here in the U.S., we are long accustomed to seeing all Asian titles...

Now Streaming: ANOTHER LIFE, WHITE CHAMBER, Sci-Fi, Sorta

Katee Sackhoff leads the series; Shauna MacDonald stars in the film.

Now Streaming: BOI, Driving and Mystifying

Bernat Quintana, Andrew Lua and Adrian Pang star in the Spanish mystery, directed by Jorge M. Fontana.

Now Streaming: EERIE, KRASUE: INHUMAN KISS, GIRLS WITH BALLS, Screaming in Tongues

Horror films from The Philippines, Thailand and France take very different approaches to their monstrous subjects.

Now Streaming: THE SON (EL HIJO), Nerves Shred As a Baby Arrives

Joaquín Furriel and Martina Gusman star in a psychological thriller, directed by Sebastián Schindel.

Notes on Streaming: KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC: SAINT SEIYA, Shout and Fight

The newest iteration of the long-established character is in 3D.

Notes on Streaming: Repellent KIDNAPPING STELLA Removes Reason for Existence

Max von der Groeben, Jella Haase and Clemens Schick star in Thomas Sieben's repugnant, would-be thriller.

Notes on Streaming: POINT BLANK Shoots Straight

Frank Grillo, Anthony Mackie and Marcia Gay Harden star in Joe Lynch's terrific adaptation.

Notes on Streaming: 7SEEDS From Japan Asks, What Price Survival?

The anime series sets up a daunting task for survivors.

Notes on Streaming: FOREST OF PIANO, Playing Through Pain

A young boy from a rough background discovers the magic of music as a means of dealing with his miseries.

Notes on Streaming: KAKEGURUI, Compulsive Gambling in Japan

Do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?

Notes on Streaming: THE WOLF'S CALL (LE CHANT DU LOUP), Crackling French Submarine Thriller

t's the end of the world as we know it, and the French military must stop it.

Notes on Streaming: Mexican YANKEE, The Drug War From the Inside

Pablo Lyle leads a dynamic, enjoyable pulp tale.

Notes on Streaming: JINN, Battling Spirits, Courting Controversy in Jordan

What constitutes 'immoral scenes' where you live?

Notes on Streaming: THE 3RD EYE 2 Plunges Deeper Into the Indonesian Spirit World

Jessica Mila stars again in Rocky Soraya's horror sequel, 'Mata Batin 2.'

THE CHOSEN ONE Trailer: Science Vs. Spiritual Belief

Heading to Netflix globally on June 28, The Chosen One (Orig: O Escolhido) is a series from Brazil that tips off a battle between science and spiritual belief. Three young doctors are sent to a remove village to administer vaccinations...

Notes on Streaming: Chinese PEGASUS, Not So Fast and Furious

A rally car champion seeks redemption in a family comedy.

Notes on Streaming: Korean SVAHA: THE SIXTH FINGER Dawdles

Briefly noted: 'A Thousand Goodnights,' 'Artdahl Chronicles.'