AnarchyVision: Talking AFTER EARTH, NOW YOU SEE ME, and More!

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AnarchyVision: Talking AFTER EARTH, NOW YOU SEE ME, and More!
You may already have joined in the massive conversation about the film (at least by ScreenAnarchy standards), but here's a nice, digestible version of my view on the abysmal After Earth.

A not so good week for me, really ended up disliking Now You See Me stank it up as well, but at least that had a pretty decent premise and a good chunk that was worth watching before it fell apart.

We rant out of time, but instead I extoll you to check out three films in theatres now I adore - Kim-Ki Duk's wonderful Pieta, Ben Weatley's twisted travelling tale Sightseers, and Linklatter's astonishingly and moving continuation of his grand experiment, Before Midnight.

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