LOBO FEROZ (FEROCIOUS WOLF): Spanish Language Remake of BIG BAD WOLVES Underway

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LOBO FEROZ (FEROCIOUS WOLF): Spanish Language Remake of BIG BAD WOLVES Underway
Variety reported this weekend that there will be a Spanish language remake of Big Bad Wolves, the rather spectacular Israeli thriller from Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. The working title is Lobo Feroz (Ferocious Wolf).
The revenge-thriller tracks a detective on the trail of a suspected child killer, a former religious studies teacher who was originally arrested for the crime, but allowed to walk free after a clerical error. Taking the law into his own hands, the detective enlists the mother of the most recently murdered child to exact a justice the legal system couldn’t provide.
Lobo Feroz will be directed by Uruguayan Gustavo Hernandez (You Shall Not Sleep and The Silent House) from a script written by his You Shall Not Sleep scribe Juma Fodde. 
Award-winning Spanish actor Jose Coronado is already signed on to lead the film. 
Hernandez is producing under his Mother Superior banner with partner Ignacio Cucovich. They are joined by Santiago Segura and Maria Luisa Gutierrez’s production labels, Madrid-based Bowfinger and Amiguetes. The deal for the remake was negotiated by Guido Rud at Argentina's Film Sharks and Mother Superior last year. 
Hernandez spoke about this remake in the Variety article.
The remake will have a special relevance in Spain. “The phenomenon of insecurity in Spanish-American countries has become critical; everyone feels the effect of violence,” said Hernandez. “It’s common to hear about acts of homicide, kidnapping, assault and corruption, and tragically we are getting used to it.”
Hernández added: “The ambition I have for ‘Lobo Feroz’ comes out of the context of my region, and allows me to develop a catharsis about injustice as a citizen, father and filmmaker.
“My intention is to separate myself from the original film to expose the theme through an agile, raw and visceral thriller, questioning the public about ethical decisions and the responsibilities and consequences the protagonists will suffer for their actions.”
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