FANGES 2018: A Free Weekend of LatAm And Spanish Horror in Santiago Chile This Weekend

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FANGES 2018: A Free Weekend of LatAm And Spanish Horror in Santiago Chile This Weekend
A weekend of free screenings of terrific Spanish language genre cinema awaits the populace of Santiago, Chile. 
The Fanges International Fantasy and Genre Film Festival will be in town from June 30th to July 1st and features a lineup of some great Spanish language genre cinema from the past year. Of the five titles featured this coming weekend I have seen four: Matar A Dios by Caye Casas and Albert Pintó, Clementina by Jimena Monteolivo, Trauma by Lucio A Rojas and Aterrados (Terrified) by Demián Rugna, and can give witness to their individual strengths, delights and terrors. 
Follow the rabbit holes to my reviews of the latter three in the links below. We also have trailers for all five feature films below as well. 
All feature films will vie for an award which focuses on special effects work. Named after a visual effects artist, Eduardo Saavedra. Two blocks of international short films will also be screened this weekend and they to will be eligible for the same award in a short film category. 
It bears repeating that the Fanges International Fantasy and Genre Film Festival is free to the public. 
Celebrate and promulgate the productions of horror, mystery and fantasy films in Chile. That is the premise of this project and the first version that of horror, mystery and fantasy films in Chile. That is the premise of this project and the first version that with a short film and feature film competition seeks to mark a milestone for local moviegoers and fans between June 30 and July 1.
FANGES 2018, International Fantasy and Genre Film Festival of Santiago, its goal is: to awaken, captivate and gather the community of fanatics, producers, producers of terror, mystery and fantasy of the seventh art from Chile to the World.
Directors: Caye Casas y Albert Pintó. Comedy / Fantasy
A story about God visiting four people and tell them all human beings are about to die.
CLEMENTINA (Argentina)
Director: Jimena Monteolivo. Drama / Horror
After being brutally attacked by her husband, Juana returns home. The husband is a fugitive and she starts her recovery alone. Strange sounds, objects that appear and then get lost, shadows and voices that chase her: Juana does not know if her husband is hidden by stalking her, if everything is the work of her imagination, or if there is a ghost in the house...
CRISIS (Chile)
Director: Martín Pizarro Veglia. Drama / Fantasy
Three characters who are united by frustration, and who must fight to get out of their crisis, facing insecurities and bad memories in a world of fantasies and mysteries.
TRAUMA (Chile)
Director:  Lucio A. Rojas. Horror/Gore (+18)
Four friends visit a rural locality of Chile, are brutally attacked by a man and his son. After not finding help in the town, they decide to confront these men with the help of a pair of policemen. But in this way, they will discover that their attackers have in their blood the direct legacy of the darkest period of Chilean history and will have to face the most brutal enemy.
ATERRADOS (Argentina) 
Director: Demián Rugna. Horror
When strange events occur in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a doctor specializing in the paranormal, her colleague, and an ex police officer decide to investigate further.
Prize awarded for the short film and feature film competition, in which they are recognized for an excellent job in special effects in prosthesis and / or makeup.
The award is named after the prominent FX artist Eduardo Saavedra who passed away in 2013.
Eduardo Saavedra is recognized for his work in Stefan vs Kramer, Solos, Caleuche, among others. In 2010 the artist was awarded the Pedro Sienna prize for his work in Solos by Jorge Olguín.
The jury this year composed of several Chilean celebrities, among which stand out: MARÍA JOSÉ BELLO, Chilean television actress. JORGE OLGUÍN, Chilean film director, one of the pioneers of the fantastic genre in Chile. BLANCA LEWIN, actress and our Chilean scream queen, INTI CARRIZO ORTIZ, Director of The Night, science fiction film that will premiere this year, JORGE BARADIT, Chilean writer. Author of the controversial best-selling trilogy Secret History of Chile.
Eight short films of different themes, techniques and countries: Chile, Argentina, Spain, Germany compete to become the winner of the contest. The short film will be divided into 2 blocks where attendees can see these unpublished works.
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