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(All In Good Time, or: just how stellar was Interstellar?)

By now Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has been orbiting most of the world in wide release for a week, and it sure has left its mark. It's raking in money, although its international haul is noticeably more stellar than its US-based one, and it manages to be a much talked-about film.

Pierce was the first of us to see the film and was floored by it, calling Interstellar "a breathtaking marriage of ambition and heart" in his excellent review.

Looking at opinions on the Internet, his views are not shared by everyone though. Critics and other viewers alike are quite vocal about what they perceive to be the film's stronger and weaker points. Given some of the discussions we've had this week, even us writers here at ScreenAnarchy are pretty divided on the film.

So we had a quick round-up of opinions about the film, and decided to put them here for all to see, in a gallery. The first one up is Pierce again, adding a few words to his review, but click through them all to see our general reception of the film.

Some are elated, some are angry. All are valid in their own way, and so is yours. So please leave your own impression in the comments!

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Pierce Conran - Contributing Writer

For me, Interstellar was a thrilling experience and one I was keen to revisit so I saw it again once it was released in Korea, and I took the opportunity to visit the newly opened Lotte Tower multiplex in Seoul, which boasts the world's largest cinema screen as well as ATMOS sound, after having seen the film on IMAX during a press screening.

Despite the mixed (but still quite positive) reception of the film, Interstellar still stands as a bold, breathlessly emotional, and yes, visionary work. One major sequence early on inspired a strong reaction in me (I cried) and I wanted to know if that emotion, not to mention the thrill of certain set pieces would still inspire the same physical reactions on the second go round. To my delight, they did, and this means I'm angling to see it a third time for which I will seek it out in 35mm. Alas the nearest 70mm IMAX is in Taipei, though it is extremely tempting to take a brief holiday!

On a side note, though US returns have been a little soft for the moment, its Korean opening weekend was about twice as well attended and its looking like it will grow this coming weekend. As a combination of spectacle and emotional drama (a key element of most commercial Asian films), Interstellar is an ideal fit for this market.

Please Hollywood, throw more money at original films!

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