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Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One is the legendary director's highest-grossing film in over a decade, and audience reception worldwide is pretty kind towards it. Many critics like the film as well, and some herald it as a return to blockbusting form for Spielberg.

Others were less kind. I have read comments from critics who got angry enough to "never want to see a film again". Whoa!
Therefore, let's check what we here at Screen Anarchy think about the film. Not surprisingly, opinions are mixed here as well.

Tristan Zinampan wrote a positive review, and he is the first one to chime in here with some afterthoughts. Click on the side of each picture to go to the next opinion. Some agree with Tristan, some disagree (and someone even wrote a Haiku). But all opinions are valid, and that includes yours, so please leave your comments about the film for the perusal and enjoyment of us all!

On to Tristan:

Tristan Zinampan, Jim Tudor, Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Sean Smithson, Benjamin Umstead, Stuart Muller and Armando Dela Cruz contributed to this story.

Tristan Zinampan, Contributing Writer

Ready Player One is a frenetic throwback to those classic family-friendly action adventure spectacles of yore. Here Steven Spielberg exhibits his mastery of the blockbuster (a film form he helped create) by elevating the source material through sheer craft and visual awe.

The film's nostalgia pulses not only through its (surprisingly restrained) pop culture references but also via its storytelling. This works as a double-edged sword though as even if its narrative delivers the earnest, wide-eyed entertainment we have sorely missed in blockbusters, characters in the film feel antiquated, lacking nuances. Also, story decisions fall under mere wish fulfillment while their stakes don't carry enough gravity to be felt (e.g., convenient love story, caricaturish and surprisingly incompetent villains).

At the end of the day, even though I find it troubling how the film advocates escapism instead of confronting problems of the real-world head on, I would be lying if I denied the amount of crowd-pleasing fun the film delivers.

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