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It seemed like a joke when the news broke that Harrison Ford, at the time almost 80 years old, would take up the hat and whip for another turn as the intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones. But lo-and-behold, there it was at Cannes this year: a world première for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Ankit Jhunjhunwala was there and kindly provided a great review, in which he detailed what he considered the good and bad points of the film.

But that was then. This is now, and the film can now be found in cinemas worldwide. And with it come many on-line opinions:
"It sucks".
"It's great."
"You suck if you think it's great."
"It's bait when you say it sucks".

Blimey! Time to find things out for ourselves then... so we did a quick check here at ScreenAnarchy Central, and rounded up a few people who saw the film and had a few (hundred) words to say about it. We start with our reviewer Ankit and a quick recap of what his opinion was. After that? The others! Click through them all to see our general reception of the film. Some are elated, some are disappointed...

Ankit Jhunjhunwala, Matt Brown, Ernesto Zelaya Miñano and Kurt Halfyard contributed to this story.

Ankit Jhunjhunwala, Contributing Writer

All the demanding stunts on offer would tax even a young lad but Harrison Ford, notwithstanding the on-screen and off-screen jokes about his age, may be the spryest 80-year-old you’ll ever see and appears to be in great shape for his age in an early shirtless scene. Mads Mikkelsen squares up nicely as the main baddie, playing the umpteenth moustache-twirling Nazi villain in the series but his novel motivation and Mikkelsen’s natural charisma make him a good foil for Indy.

What prevents this instalment from taking off despite the presence of all these promising ingredients is mostly down to pacing, tone, and vibes. The previous four films in the series come in at an average of two hours while Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny vastly overstays its welcome at over two and a half hours in length. There is absolutely no reason for an Indiana Jones movie to be this long, especially one that has fewer characters than usual and a relatively thin story.

(...) Mangold delivers a robust adventure but it pales in comparison with even Crystal Skull. Even so, it’s hard not to hope that moviegoers will give this latest film a chance, if only to support a more grown-up popcorn blockbuster than your average superhero movie.

(Editor's Note: This is an excerpt of Ankit's full reviewy. You can read the rest of that article here).

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