Trung Rwo's Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

Writer; Vietnam
Is it too late for a list like this? Even if so, I still decided to make a list of some films that I never want to see again. 

Similar to last year, these films may not necessarily bad, but they're the "least liked", offensive or most disappointing ones for me. I usually try to avoid watching bad movies because I don't want to waste my precious time. Even so, of all films I watched this year many snuck in that did not interest me or that I found unbearable unbearable.

Here's my top 10 worst movies of this year, mostly blockbusters. Note that this is only my personal opinion, so it may be different than yours. 

Honorable Mention: I know these movies are in the list of everyone's Top 10, but I can't say that I like them.

Interstellar: is the most disappointing film of 2014. Christopher Nolan is smart, but he has some trouble showing it. With his previous films, he proved his intelligence by building film structures, psychological characters, personality conflicts, unique visuals ... But, Interstellar can only explain things with boring dialogue like a teacher trying to demonstrate their high level of erudition. Interstellar may be not a bad film per se, but it's the worst work that Nolan ever did.

Boyhood: is a pretentious bore. 12 years in the making (always mentioned in the PR), but the film follows to a lifeless and boring main character that I forgot right after watching. Linklater tries to make it real with his direction, to make his audience identify with the characters, but I can't watch a movie about someone that I don't care about, to confirm my feelings, my boyhood. I'm familiar with slice-of-life drama, but Boyhood is so pretentious with clich├ęd dialogue to teach me some lessons about life. I don't need that gimmick.

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