Calgary Underground Film Festival Reveals Full Line-Up

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CUFF22_Asset-860.jpgThe wonderful, nerdy, and casually fun Calgary Underground Film Festival, CUFF, returns to the Globe Theatre for a fully in-person festival -- Amen! -- taking place from April 21-28. But fret not if you are located in Canada's Texas (aka Alberta) and are not yet ready to brave a crowded cinema, as there is a three-day streaming window after the festival (April 29 – May 1) to catch much of what is on offer.

Riley Stearns' (The Art of Self Defense, Faults) latest in high-concept deadpan, Dual, will be opening the festival. The usual indie-strange, black comedy, arthouse, and cult cinema will be showcased across 30 feature films and documentaries, along with secret screenings, a live script reading, classic Canadian cinema vault, and a curated Saturday Moring Cartoon Cereal Party.

Browse through the gallery, below, for some of the delights and highlights on offer though a strong, diverse programme this year, or hop over to the festival's official site for CUFF 2022.

Every film, short or feature, from filmmaker Riley Stearns is a gift to lovers of overstated, underplayed deadpan comedy. For his latest film, Dual, he adapts Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel, The Double, into a science fiction treatise on cloning and really, really, not liking your clone. The film also offers Karen Gillan without layers of CGI or blue makeup, to play both the Prime and Beta versions of herself, alongside Aaron Paul.

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