Arnby's WHEN ANIMALS DREAM Anchors Critics Week Lineup

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Arnby's WHEN ANIMALS DREAM Anchors Critics Week Lineup
The normally arthouse Critics Weeks lineup at this year's Cannes Film Festival is getting a little bit bloody with the inclusion of Jonas Alexander Arnby's Danish werewolf picture When Animals Dream and David Robert Mitchell's coming of age creature story It Follows.European selections dominate the lineup this year with pictures from France, Italy, Denmark, and Ukraine with just one from Colombia, one from the US and a pair from Israel. Here's the complete selection:



"Making Love" (Djinn Carrenard) Second film. Sales: Elle Driver (France)


"Breathe" (Melanie Laurent) Second film. Sales: Gaumont (France)

"The Kindergarten Teacher" (Nadav Lapid) Second film. Sales: Le Pacte (Israel)


"Darker Than Midnight" (Sebastiano Riso) First film. Sales: Rai Trade (Italy)

"Gente de bien" (Franco Lolli) First film. Sales: Versatile (Colombia)

"Hope" (Boris Lojkine) Second film. Sales: Pyramide (France)

"It Follows" (David Robert Mitchell) Second film. Sales: Visit Films (U.S.)

"Self Made" (Shira Geffen) Second film. Sales: Westend (Israel)

"The Tribe" (Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy) First film. Sales: Alpha Violet (Ukraine)

"When Animals Dream" (Jonas Alexander Arnby) First film. Sales: Gaumont (Denmark)


"Hippocrate" (Thomas Lilti) Second film. Sales: Le Pacte (France)

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