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Fantasia 2021 Review: International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase

This year's International Science-Fiction Short Film Showcase at Fantasia spotlights works from Canada, Australia, three from the United States and one with a co-production with France, Italy, and even Greenland. (The still used here is from the U.K. short Standing Woman.)...

Now Streaming: BLAKE'S 7 Features Rebellion in Space, TIME Passes in Grief and Grim Reality

Two series, new to the BritBox streaming service, consider very different futures.

Friday One Sheet: THE WANTING MARE

It is rare that a director designs the key art for their film, even in the indie filmmaking world. The last time that I can recall this was P.T. Anderson's design for Magnolia over 20 years ago. This striking poster...

Review: DIVINE LOVE, Religious Hypocrisy in Brazilian Sci-fi

Divine Love is a quietly biting satire, brilliantly realized by Mascaro, a director who is operating on the highest level of artistry in every aspect. Do not miss this!

Now Streaming: John Carpenter's DARK STAR, Before the Horror

Brian Narelle, Dan O'Bannon, Cal Kuniholm star in director John Carpener's sci-fi comedy, now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

Review: PROXIMITY, Close Encounters of the Strange Kind

Ryan Masson, Highdee Kuan, Shaw Jones, Christian Prentice and Don Scribner star in Eric Demeusy's sci-fi thriller.

Sci-Fi Series INVASIAN in Development; Watch Short Film Now

Why is she running? Back that up: why has that drone descended upon a busy street in Hong Kong at night, stopping everyone in their tracks, motionless? Sharply shot and edited, the short film Invasian is only a teaser for...

PROXIMITY Trailer: Close Encounter of the Unknown Kind

Beginning in silence, the trailer for Proximity gradually grows in complexity to become a full-blown question mark. I watched the trailer first, before knowing what the film is about, and so I recommend you do that as well (trailer posted...

70s Rewind: THE TERMINAL MAN, When Elective Surgery Goes Bad

George Segal and Joan Hackett star in director Mike Hodges' adaptation of Michael Crichton's techno-thriller novel.

AFTER WE LEAVE Trailer: First, Find Your Wife

Eager for a rare opportunity for a new life on a new planet, a man has only one obstacle to overcome: find his wife. The trailer for Aleem Hossain's debut feature, After We Leave, looks spare yet inviting, accompanied by...

Trieste 2019: Brian Yuzna, Phil Tippett in Person to Watch Science + Fiction Films in Italy

For we poor souls who are not in Italy right now, attending the 19th edition of Trieste Science + Fiction Festival, it all sounds like a fantasy out of genre-film heaven.

Toronto 2019 Review: THE PLATFORM Is a Dystopian Feast of Social Inequality

A man wakes up in a spartan concrete room, with a copy of Don Quixote, and a composed, elderly roommate. The number 48 is stencilled on the wall, and there is an open elevator shaft that divides the space. The...

DARK/WEB Series Goes to Amazon, Premieres July 19

Percolate your coffee beans and get ready for a long sleepless night, because Dark/Web, the 8-episode sci-fi/horror anthology series we've covered here before will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime as of July 19. The series debuted last February at Entertainment...

I AM MOTHER Trailer: Hilary Swank Stars in Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller

Netflix have released the trailer for Grant Sputore's sci-fi thriller I Am Mother, which will stream on the service starting June 7, 2019. The claustrophobic film stars Clara Rugaard and a teenaged girl who is the first of a new...

Review: FAST COLOR, Superpowers Are Not Enough

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars in Julia Hart's dramatic new film, which asks significant questions in quiet, often mesmerizing fashion.

Review: CAPTIVE STATE, What Happens After Aliens Invade

Ashton Sanders and John Goodman star in an original sci-fi drama directed by Rupert Wyatt.

Friday One Sheet: HIGH LIFE Essays Biology in Space

Thus far, 2019 has been the year of Green. While two weeks hardly make a trend, it cannot be understated how underused green is in movie key art. Here is the poster for Claire Denis's 'sex-ain't-sexy' space drama, High Life,...

HIGH LIFE Trailer: Claire Denis' Sci-Fi Debut Lands in April

A24 have released a haunting new trailer for Claire Denis' upcoming science fiction film High Life, starring Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche, André Benjamin and Mia Goth. In the French auteur's English-language debut, Denis depicts hopeless death-row inmates who have been...

Review: UPGRADE, Smart, Violent Science-Fiction For Action Film Fans

A little bit David Cronenberg, a little bit Taylor/Neveldine, Leigh Whannell's Upgrade is a future-shock action horror film sure to keep fans of high intensity science fiction happy.   Logan Marshall-Green is Grey Trace, a technophobic retro-gearhead in a near...

“The Thing” remains one of the all-time best meeting points of Science Fiction and Horror

In John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, the cold is not only a force of nature, it’s a grotesque animal in and of itself. Adapted and updated from the 1950’s Science Fiction classic “The Thing from Another World,” Carpenter’s retelling not only...