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Review: NOTTURNO Examines the Legacy of Colonialism in the Middle East

Gianfranco Rosi, the documentarian behind such astonishing work as Sacro GRA and Fire at Sea, returns with a biting and enormously affecting documentary on people living on the periphery of modern Middle-East conflicts. Culling from footage shot in Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon...

New York 2020 Review: NOTTURNO, Legacy of Colonialism in the Middle East

Directed by Gianfranco Rosi ('Sacro GRA,' 'Fire at Sea'), the documentary is biting and enormously affecting.

Febiofest Prague 2020 Review: THE LAMB, Italian Family Drama in Contaminated Sardinia

Director Mario Piredda's feature debut stars Nora Stassi, Luciano Curreli, and Piero Marcialis and is as capricious and unchained as a teenage spirit, but with a political message.

Friday One Sheet: I PREDATORI

I am not so mature as to pass by an opportunity to feature a poster where a beautiful woman offers a pair of 'one finger salutes' to the viewer. If there was a movie poster about how everyone (and especially...

SHORTCUT Trailer: A Bus, A Mysterious Creature, 5 Kids

All you need to make a horror thriller is a bus, five kids, and a mysterious creature, according to a new trailer for Shortcut. The title resonates for horror fans, since we all know that taking a shortcut is a...

Blu-ray Review: Cult Epics Gets Brassy With P.O. BOX TINTO BRASS / ISTINTOBRASS

A new, limited dual edition of Tinto Brass titles examines the erotica auteur's methods and legacy.

Udine 2020: BETTER DAYS Scoops Golden Mulberry at 22nd Far East Film Festival

Derek Tsang’s celebrated youth drama Better Days claimed top honours over the weekend, as the 22nd Far East Film Festival awarded the Chinese film the Golden Mulberry Award, as voted for by their virtual audience.   Adapting to accommodate social...

WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS Trailer: More Like, Waiting For Something to Happen

Big stars, big story, big production values, and a trailer that is so restrained it feels lifeless. Sorry, I don't mean to be unkind, but I've watched the new Waiting for the Barbarians trailer twice now, and I'm not sure...

Now on Home Video: PIRANHAS, Teens Turn to Crime, Just Because

Francesco Di Napoli stars in a stylish, unsettling crime drama, directed by Claudio Giovannesi.

International Thrillers ROJO and MIDDAY DEMONS Invading Digital

If you are living in despair, thinking that all the cinematic thrills for the year were swallowed up by the usual October glut of genre goodness, here, perhaps, is hope. Freshly available on digital, Rojo received good notices out of...

Trieste 2019: Ghost Story EXTRA ORDINARY Leads Science + Fiction Awards

At the close of the 19th edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival in Italy yesterday, Extra Ordinary (pictured above) received an award as the best European feature film, as chosen by an international jury. But that wasn't all. The feature...

Trieste 2019: Brian Yuzna, Phil Tippett in Person to Watch Science + Fiction Films in Italy

For we poor souls who are not in Italy right now, attending the 19th edition of Trieste Science + Fiction Festival, it all sounds like a fantasy out of genre-film heaven.

Review: SWEET PAIN, Near-Silent Giallo is a Rare Find

In his first feature in more than 10 years, Gonzalo López modernizes the true and salacious story of 16th Century composer Carlo Gesualdo, whose music and life is inexorably linked to the shocking murder of his wife and her lover...

New York 2018 Review: HAPPY AS LAZZARO, An Allegorical Tale of Haves and Have Nots

Lazzaro is someone who is desperately needed in this cynical, cruel world. Alice Rohrbacher's writing shines in bringing out humor and humanity in an whimsical yet pointy allegory full of wonders.

Venice 2018 Review: ISIS, TOMORROW: THE LOST SOULS OF MOSUL, a Haunting New Angle

Playing out of competition at the 75th Venice Biennale, Fancesca Mannocchi and Alessio Romenzi's ISIS, Tomorrow: The Lost Souls of Mosul definitely stands out as a documentary that is boldly flying the flag for a major social crisis taking place...

Review: HAPPY AS LAZZARO, Fable and Lyrical Social Drama Collide in Magical Neorealism

Alice Rohrwacher's latest feature smoothly merges the tradition of neorealism and magical realism in a socially conscious modern fable doubling as drama.

Udine 2018: South Korean Drama 1987: WHEN THE DAY COMES Takes Top Honours

Jang Joon-hwan's historical drama 1987: When the Day Comes won the Audience Award at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy, as the festival wrapped up its 20th edition in fine style. Shuichiro Ueda's meta zombie comedy One Cut...

Venice 2017: NICO, 1988 Trailer and Poster, The Priestess of Darkness in Her Full Glory

Susana Nicchiarelli's eccentric biopic about the final days of Nico, the equally eccentric former "Factory Girl" and front woman of Lou Reed's Velvet Underground, is being roundly praised following its premiere at the Venice Film Festival today. Nico, 1988 is...

Fantasia 2017 Review: THE LAPLACE'S DEMON, Philosophical Suspense and Dread

The Laplace demon is a mathematical theory, which supposes that, if someone knows the precise location and momentum of every atom in the universe, they could predict everything down to the smallest detail. Quite a creepy supposition (hence 'demon'), and...

Mondo Bava, A Near Complete Retrospective of Italian Horror Maestro Mario Bava and KILL, BABY...KILL! in 2K!

The restored version is just beautiful to look at. Colors pop, film grains are preserved in the shadows and blemishes on the negatives are all cleaned up. The restoration makes the film truly the most gorgeous and elegant among all of Bava's films.