Friday One Sheet: LAMBORGHINI

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Friday One Sheet: LAMBORGHINI

I am not much of a car guy, but even I spotted that on the poster for Lamborghini, there is a Ferrari. An inside joke. The legendary designer and entrepreneur (and wine maker) Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a lot of Ferrari's and built his company because he felt they could be more 'user friendly.'

That aside, if you are making a film about bling, then going full race-car yellow is the right way to go; this non-gradient field of yellow, with bold black text, and a fat racing-stripe at the bottom is going to stand out in a crowd.

Foregrounding a razor-sharp shaven Frank Grillo in a bespoke suit and statement sunglasses amplifies the air of luxury and Italian design.

There might be a tad too much text for my liking, but it does have the benefit of being well balanced. The car being on the left, and not centred, goes a long way towards emphasizing the balance of everything else. Even if it is a Ferrari on a poster that says Lamborghini.


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