Friday One Sheet: CALCINCULO

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Friday One Sheet: CALCINCULO

Here is a lovely, hand-drawn festival poster that captures that exact moment on a swing where you simply let go and enjoy the gravity of the situation. The key art is for an Italian-Switzerland co-production, Calcinculo, where I have the feeling there is a subtle Italian pun or dual meaning in the title, which translates across to its alternate English title, Swing Ride.

The one-sheet gets the space and geometry correct, leaning into the diagonals, with its title card and key credits in the upper right corner, and a rather dense credit block down in the lower left, along with the usual gaggle of financing partner logo, stuffed into a corner of negative yellow-space.

The colours here, yellow, pink and red are eye-catching like the carnival that the drama is set in. Meanwhile the main figure's hair splayed out in all directions tells one all they need to know about 'letting go' in the situation.  I do not know if it is intentional or a happy accident, but the figure's right grip on the swing chain is pointing towards the title of the film in the poster. Likewise, the more restrained character in the front is also glancing at the title of the film, further drawing the eye.

"When a fairground sets up outside her window, 15-year-old Benedetta meets Amanda who defies gender norms - and not just that. Fascinated, the two grow closer. A coming-of-age film about friendship and the experience of empowerment."

Calcinculo will will premiere at the upcoming Berlinale Film Festival.


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