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Friday One Sheet: DEEP SEA 深海

Summer Cottages. Summer Dreams. Tian Xiaopeng's animated film has already played in its domestic Chinese market. It is currently touring on the global festival circuit, from Berlin to Tribeca to Neuchâtel, and soon, Fantasia.  The international and festival poster is an...

SUZUME Review: A Door, A Talking Cat, A Running Chair, and You

Directed by Makoto Shinkai, the animated adventure from Japan follows a young girl on a quest to save the world.

Opening This Week: THE TENDER BAR Romanticizes, PARALLEL MOTHERS Twists, HIP BEAT Fights

Also: Garth Jennings' 'Sing 2,' opening Wednesday, December 22, is better than the first one.

Review: THE PRINCE'S VOYAGE, Monkey Crosses Sea, Discovers Strange New World

Directed by Jean-François Laguionie and Xavier Picard, the gorgeous animated tale from France is delightfully surprising and kindly philosophical.

Now Streaming: STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH, Send In The Clones

Dee Bradley Baker stars in the animated show, featuring a grungy group of smart dudes and tough hombres, now streaming on Disney Plus.

Now Streaming: 22 VS. EARTH, Mindless Blank Slates, Dumb Planet

The animated short is a prequel to the Academy Award-winning feature 'Soul,' now streaming on Disney+.

Review: WEATHERING WITH YOU, Bringing Sunshine on a Dark Day

Shinkai Makoto's followup to the smash-hit 'Your Name' takes an even more fantastical approach to a coming-of-age tale.

TOWER OF GOD Trailer: Climb Up, Face Terrors, Achieve Greatness

What does the new anime season promise? Let's start with Tower of God, which premiered exclusively on Crunchyroll earlier today. Officially, it's "a dark fantasy action series that centers on the journey of a young man as he battles his...

Review: WEATHERING WITH YOU Takes Flight Into the Fantastical

Shinkai Makoto's followup to the smash-hit 'Your Name' takes an even more fantastical approach to a coming-of-age tale.

Now Streaming: BEM, Monsters Among Us

The Japanese animated series explores monsters who want to be human, for some reason.

PATH OF BLOOD: An Animated Samurai Film Created in a Kitchen

They say everyone now has access to the tools to make a film and Path of Blood is something of a testament to the romantic idea that anyone can make anything if they just put their mind and talent to good use....

Review: HAVE A NICE DAY, a Deeply-Layered Crime Thriller

Animated movies for adults are painfully undervalued, both at a festival level and as an art form, but Liu Jian's Have A Nice Day is a title that could smash through those barriers. Certainly one of the more interesting features...

Don't Tell Your Parents! BIG MOUTH Trailer Animates Puberty

For all those worried that streaming services just don't have enough animated series filled with profanity and graphic images of puberty, Big Mouth will shortly arrive to meet that need. In the words of the hard-working publicists at Netflix ......

Bag-Heads Revolt in Dystopian SCHIRKOA

Schirkoa (shir-ko-aa) is a 14-minute animated short film created by CG artist Ishan Shukla. First conceived as a graphic novel in 2012, Ishan has been working on his own animated adaptation on and off again for the past four years...

ANOMALISA Trailer Considers The Human Condition

Easily one of the cinematic highlights of the year, Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson's animated drama Anomalisa was one of the big sales at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, and for good reason. The first trailer for the film has...

Review: WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE, A Melancholy Animated Mystery

Studio Ghibli and its catalogue of extraordinary animated films has been built on the back of two men: the creator of its most beloved characters and star of the studio, Miyazaki Hayao and the often over-looked, but no less talented,...

KILLOGY: The Cult Hit Comic Goes Animated

Comic creator Alan Robert had quite the little hit on his hands with his IDW published mini series Killogy and it looks as though there's a move afoot to bring the story off the printed page and on to screens...


ScreenAnarchy's tiniest film reviewers continue their coverage of TIFF Kids Film Festival, currently wrapping up at Toronto's Lightbox Cinema. Willem (age 12) and Miranda (age 10) break down this 'new era' of Studio Ghibli film now that Miyazaki and Takahata have...

Review: HOME, Awfully Sugary But Not Sweet

Home depicts nothing less than the most kid friendly alien invasion even committed to the screen. Back-burnering any trauma and horror of the human internment camps that it depicts (both off-world and in Australia), Home showcases an eye-poppingly wacky planetary occupation...

Crowdfund This! Help Czech Director Tomáš Krejčí Finish The Most Expensive Film In Czech History

Czech director Tomáš Krejčí has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise 50k USD for the final VFX compositing along as well as grading, music recording, sound design and sound mix to his already shot and edited film. The Tower...