Friday One Sheet: DEEP SEA 深海

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Friday One Sheet: DEEP SEA 深海

Summer Cottages. Summer Dreams. Tian Xiaopeng's animated film has already played in its domestic Chinese market. It is currently touring on the global festival circuit, from Berlin to Tribeca to Neuchâtel, and soon, Fantasia. 

The international and festival poster is an evocative marvel. Using the surf as a a girl's blanket, with all the wonders of the deep in full colour down below, and the contrasting skin-toned sandy beach above, this is one of the best pieces of Key Art for a fantasy film in some time.

There is not much in the way of text to compete with the core image, except for the Berlinale logo the first festival screening, likely when the poster was designed. The title card, in both Mandarin and English, is squarely centred, and if you look close enough in the opposite corner, there is a 'water mark' for distributor Fortissimo Films.

Like the protagonist here in her deep slumber, it is easy to get lost in the turquoise, lavender and golden hues promised by advertising such as this.


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