Friday One Sheet: The Best Posters of 2023

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)

Another year has come to a close, and many columns later, I do sincerely hope you have taken some enjoyment (or better yet, enlightenment) out of this column which endeavours to examine the ins and outs of poster design; from a laypersons's point of view. 

If there is a theme to the selections for this year's 'best posters' (as subjective as that may be) it is about faces, and the faceless. From the satellite anonymity of Zone of Interest, to the splintered minds of Inside and Beau is Afraid, many of the best posters were portraits of the main character, presented in a dreamy surreal fashion. Many of them were nightmares. 

Browse the gallery below for the best Key Art of 2023, presented in no particular order. 

Design studio Kellerhouse have integrated the blackest of skies into their key art for Zone of Interest.

This darkest night lords over a family in their expansive garden. If you look further, the walls and the barbed wire frames this domestic scene. If you look even closer, two figures on the right hand side are missing their heads. If there is ever a poster that demonstrates the Nietzschean observation: "When you gaze into that abyss, it gazes back, and it tells you what you are," this poster is it.

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