Friday One Sheet: OPPONENT

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Friday One Sheet: OPPONENT

Design house riddertoft has been featured in this column several times. Their diverse work on titles such as Triangle of Sadness, Holy Spider, and Another Round, is always exceptional.

Their key art, below, for Milad Alami's immigrant wrestling drama Opponent, is an eye-catching wad of flesh and emotion. And it does this without showing faces. There is a language of its own in the way the hands are placed (even if the one off to the middle-right feels a little 'photoshop layer'). Note how the hand in the centre touches that hidden indent at the base of the skull. The two central heads and necks are intertwined in a way that communicates.

Further communicating its Persian origins (it is a Swedish/Norwegian co-production) is the title card superimposed on male muscle. This poster features the English title, although the Swedish title is Motståndaren, which has a more melodic ring to it.


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