Night Visions 2020: The New (Ab)Normal Edition Is On Its Way

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Night Visions 2020: The New (Ab)Normal Edition Is On Its Way

Fiercely independent of its Nordic neighbors, Finland has forged a strong identity as the home to genre-loving filmmakers, festival programmers, and fans. In that spirit, Finland's Night Visions, the biggest genre festival in Scandinavia, has unleashed its plans for what it's calling "The New (Ab)Normal Edition" of the festival in August.

Now, they are not (completely) insane, nor oblivious of the conditions in which nearly everyone is living. In the official release, it is noted: "Provided that the pandemic situation remains under control in the Northeast corner of the Nordic region, the festival will be hosting all its screenings at real cinemas. The event won't be featuring any virtual or hybrid elements."

The news that the pandemic situation is reportedly under control in that corner of the world is marvelous, especially for someone like me who lives in Texas, USA. (For months, I have been reaching for a mask whenever someone knocks at my door, or even rings me on my telephone.) It was my privilege to visit the festival a few years ago, and I had a terrific time with the fest organizers, the filmmakers, the fans, and Helsinski.

Some 23 features and six short films have been lined up for "The New (Ab)Normal Edition," which is scheduled to take place in Helsinki from August 19 to August 22, 2020. All the new titles will be presented on the big screen in Finland for the first time -- and they have some lovely screens there in that beautiful city.

Fittingly, the shocking and chilling The Lodge, directed by Severin Fiala and Veronika Fiala, will open the fest. More horror will come in the form of The Wretched, Luz: The Flower of Evil, Rabid, and Scare Package, all noteworthy titles that have not yet reached Finland.

Naturally, Night Visions will showcase films from the Nordic region, including Andre Overdal's Mortal, Pal Ole's The Tunnel, and Klown the Final, which I haven't even seen yet! Gasp, what is happening in this world today!

To see what other tasty items will be offered on the menu, from Asia and elsewhere, please visit the festival's official site. The schedule can be viewed with envy and admiration right here.

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