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Welcome to another week of Netflix picks and pointed mentions from the various territories around the world:  Korean films in The Netherlands, Icelandic films in Mexico, American Films in the UK, Indian films in Canada, and British films in Scandinavia.  Got that?  But wait, there is more, many of this weeks edition blow the lid of easy categorization or genre.  Docs about dicks, family dysfunction mashed with creature feature, housefly revenge musicals, and a pair of comedy sci-fi crime films. Onward!

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Quentin Dupieux's genre deconstruction effort, Rubber, from a couple years ago, left some folks scratching their head, and others critical of its 'extended comedy sketch' nature; likely then, Wrong is probably not the right film for them.

With a bigger thematic reach, and a far more episodic structure, the film is likely as close as we will ever get to stand-up comedy in cinematic language. It is an absurdist masterwork that picks at the myriad mesh of tiny social contracts that make up the average person's day: Talking to the neighbour, ordering a pizza, petty politics in the office, having a polite phone call with a friend, and the like.

Visually, the movie has a real penchant for filmmaking gags, not the least of which is William Fichtner playing a pet-psychic guru as if he were Mr. Kobayashi from The Usual Suspects.

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