Cannibals! Bugs! Bigfoot! Sewer Dwellers! Child Killers! and Talking Mould!? October gets Icky as Toronto After Dark Announces its 2013 Line-up!

Contributing Writer; Toronto, Canada (@triflic)
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Proving that there is no shortage of quality film festivals in the city of Toronto, the 8th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival, TADFF, is all set to roll out on October 17th, and they have announced their full 9 Day line-up of features and shorts.  Relocating from the Annex's Bloor Cinema to the Entertainment District's Scotiabank Theatre. 

Andrew Mack contributed to this story.

As sure as the leaves start blowing around the streets of Toronto, the cities biggest festival devoted to horror, science fiction and other genre oddities is right around the corner. They unveiled their full lineup of features and shorts today, which are previewed herein. And to visit the official site for the fest, click here.

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mightyjoeyoungOctober 18, 2013 9:00 PM

"Evil Feed, A bloody, horror-action-comedy about a sinister Chinese restaurant that kidnaps martial artists off the streets, forces them to fight to the death, and then serves the loser up for dinner to paying guests!"

Bizarre....but it does sound entertaining.

"Found, A coming of age movie about a shy, bullied 10 year old who takes refuge in horror movies, only to see his life turn into a horror story for real when he discovers the older brother he shares the house with is a gruesome serial killer."

Could be something, depending on what tone, style, this films has.

"Banshee Chapter, A scary horror thriller about a young reporter in search of her missing friend, last seen experimenting with the same mind-altering drugs used by the CIA in the 1950s’ infamous MK-Ultra program."

Does sound interesting but I would love a doc on the subject, focusing on dr Sidney Gottlieb.

"Motivational Growth, A dark, twisted and funny horror comedy about a depressed man who lets his home fall into a hideous state of decay until a grotesque giant, talking mould grows and starts giving advice (voiced by none other than Jeffrey Combs.)"

Could be fun, just like Brain Damage(1988), The Stuff (1985).

"Last Days on Mars, Elias Koteas, Olivia Williams, and Liev Schreiber, star in this sci-fi horror thriller about a deadly strain of bacteria discovered in the Martian soil that begins to infect a group of astronauts, turning them one by one into blood-thirsty zombie-like killers.

The Machine, A dark and stylish sci-fi thriller with clear nods to Blade Runner about a conflicted scientific genius trying to make the perfect female android, while being funded by a secret government military program.

Solo, A teenage girl finds herself terrorized when she spends two nights alone, as part of her camp counselor initiation, on the same remote island where a camper suspiciously disappeared decades before."

These three sound very entertaining.

Thanks Mr Halfyard.