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Review: SEÑORITA 89, Learning to Be Queens Comes at a High Price

Ilse Salas and Ximena Romo star in a dramatic series, created by Lucia Puenzo, with Pablo Larraín on board as an executive producer, debuting on the Pantaya streaming service.

Review: SUNDOWN, Quietly Extreme and Surreal

Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in a drama directed by Michel Franco.

SENORITA 89 Trailer Warns: Beauty Pageants Can Be Deadly

Quickly swerving from any expected paths, Senorita 89 looks to be an atypical series, at least judging from its trailer, which you can watch below. Ilse Salas, Ximena Romo, Bárbara López, Natasha Dupeyrón, Leidi Gutiérrez and Coty Camacho star in...

Friday One Sheet: SUNDOWN

We posted the superb trailer earlier this week, and now this excellent poster for Michel Franco's Sundown.  I have said, time and time again, that I am a sucker for orange and pink posters, and this is no exception. I...

SUNDOWN Trailer Is a Masterclass in How to Cut a Preview

If you want a brilliant example on how to edit a trailer and artistically present the premise of a film, focusing on mood rather than spoilers, then Sundown has you covered. Superbly so. It is only 4 days into the new...

Now Streaming: ACAPULCO, One Dream at a Time

Eugenio Derbez, Enrique Arrizon, Fernando Carsa, Camila Perez, and Damián Alcázar star in a bilingual comedy series, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Review: SIBERIA, Willem Dafoe on an Abel Ferrara Roller Coaster

Willem Dafoe, Dounia Sichov and Simon McBurney star in a European horror fantasy, directed by Abel Ferrara.

Toronto 2020 Review: FAUNA Cleverly Deconstructs The Mexican Social Contract

Poor Paco needs a cigarette. Badly. After arguing with his girlfriend, Flora, and fighting with Waze and Wifi they eventually arrive in the remote Mexican village of her childhood, only to find her parents not to be around. The house...

Review: NAIL IN THE COFFIN: THE FALL AND RISE OF VAMPIRO Tells a Touching Family Story

Ian Hodgkinson is a well known Canadian wrestler, though he did not ply his trade here in the Great White North. No, Hodgkinson sought fame in the warmer climate of Mexico, bursting onto the Lucha wrestling scene at the beginning...

Miami 2020 Review: LOS LOBOS, A World Too Big and Too Small

A new country, a new city, a new home, can mean hope for renewal and improvement; but it can also mean despair and desperation. For the thousands of people who have crossed the Mexico/USA border, forced to leave their countries...

Morbido 2019 Review: RENDEZ-VOUS, A Strong Single-Take Thriller From Mexico

Lili is excited and nervous about her date with Eduardo. She me him on an online dating service app. The night starts a little rocky at first, Eduardo is half an hour late and not answering his phone. He finally...

Now Streaming: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID Returns to Haunt on Shudder

Writer/director Issa López's dramatic horror-fantasy stars Paola Lara, Hanssel Casillas, Rodrigo Cortes, Ianis Guerrero, and Tenoch Huerta.

SANCTORUM Trailer: There is Seismic Beauty in Joshua Gil's Venice Entry

Variety debuted the trailer for Mexican filmmaker Joshua Gil’s Sanctorum ahead of its World Premiere at the close of Venice International Film Critics’ Week. All we can say is, 'Golly, this is something to behold'. Prepare yourselves for something rather...

Now Streaming: BELZEBUTH, The Devil in Mexico Heads to Shudder

Joaquín Cosio and Tobin Bell star; Emilio Portes directed.

Review: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, Magical, Violent, Terrifying

Thousands of people have been murdered or gone missing in the ongoing violent drug war in Mexico. One of the often unacknowledged side effects is the now-orphaned children, many of whom end up on the streets. In her third feature,...

Fantastic Fest 2019: Second Wave Arrives With KNIVES OUT and More Pointed Films

Every film announced for Fantastic Fest 2019's second wave of programming is essential viewing.

Notes on Streaming: Mexican YANKEE, The Drug War From the Inside

Pablo Lyle leads a dynamic, enjoyable pulp tale.

Exclusive PATRIMONIO Clip: Blockade Block

The little guy vs. the big guy. David vs. Goliath. A small coastal community in Baja, Mexico vs. "an American mega-developer threatening to destroy the town's ecosystem and existence." All three are good stories, though we only have an exclusive...

VOCES: Premiering Christian Cueva and Ricardo Farías' Short Film. Watch. And Listen to The Terror.

It is hard to believe that it has been three years since I last saw Christian Cueva and Ricardo Farías’ excellent short film Voces (Voices). Yet here we are, and the lads are finally ready to release Voces unto the World...

Berlinale 2018 Review: MUSEO, Another Gem of Charming Fecklessness By Alonso Ruizpalacios

Having won the Best First Feature Award with his exquisite debut Güeros at the Berlinale in 2014, director Alonso Ruizpalacios now excitingly returns to the festival's Main Competition with Museo (Museum). This sophomore effort feels much larger in scale, and it...