Friday One Sheet: ROTTING IN THE SUN

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Friday One Sheet: ROTTING IN THE SUN

Sex and death. Eros and Thanatos. A corpse with an erection being consumed on a beach. The latest queer comedy from Sebastián Silva (director of the criminally underrated Magic Magic) gets this lovely hand painted poster (if you zoom in on a higher resolution version, the canvas texture is a nice touch) from Barcelona-based illustrator Ignasi Monreal and UK Design House Spin

With its hungry carrion bird side-eyeing the camera and the boner pointing to the title of the film, there is nothing if not a morbid sense of humour going on in this poster. The bright yellow, and très-fat, font is almost bleeding into the sand; as if an ocean wave just passed over it. It feels a bit punk and a bit naughty. 

And yet the typesetting, streaming service release information, and positioning of the credit block at the right hand side, all make for a satisfying design/use of the negative space without in any way overwhelming the central image. There is something about the placement (also in chunky yellow) of the main cast, that almost feel like they are propping up the corpse, like an unintentional admission of guilt. Note the key in the hand of the body points to the name lead actor and social media influencer, Jordan Firstman.


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