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Criterion in October 2023: VIDEODROME, THE OTHERS, DON'T LOOK NOW

Plus: 'Nanny' and 'Tod Browning's Sideshow Shockers.'

Overlook 2023: Three More Titles Added! THE DEAD ZONE, IT LIVES INSIDE And It's a Secret!

With just over two weeks to go before this year's edition of the Overlook Film Festival three more titles have been added to the program.    We can tell you what two of them are: a 40th anniversary screening of...

Have Your Say: CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, New David Cronenberg

Opening today in North American movie theaters, Crimes of the Future is a new film by David "Mr. Canada" Cronenberg. In celebration, we've been looking back at his distinguished career this week. Shelagh Rowan-Legg reviewed the film last week, in...

Friday One Sheet: Celebrating Cronenberg and Alternative Poster Designs

You may have noticed this week has been a big love-in on Canadian maestro, David Cronenberg, auteur of the horrors of the mind, and the flesh. His extensive (ahem!) body of work stretches back to the his short film work...

Celebrating David Cronenberg: The Last Decade

From 'A Dangerous Method' to 'Cosmopolis' to 'Maps to the Stars.'

Celebrating David Cronenberg: A New Century

From 'Spider' to 'A History of Violence' to 'Eastern Promises.'

Celebrating David Cronenberg: Hollywood and Beyond

In celebration of Crimes of the Future, a new film by David "Mr. Canada" Cronenberg that will open in North American movie theaters on Friday, June 3, we're looking back at his distinguished career this week. Filmmaker David Cronenberg recalls...

Now Streaming: Early David Cronenberg

From 'Stereo' to 'Crimes of the Future (1970)' to 'The Brood' to 'Scanners.' Also considered: 'Shivers.' 'Rabid' and 'Videodrome.'

Interview: HATCHING Director Hanna Bergholm on Her Coming-of-Age Creature Feature

Hatching, the debut feature by Finnish director Hanna Bergholm, is a horror film that stands out for its creature feature and coming-of-age elements. The protagonist Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) is a teenager who lives with her mother (Sophia Heikkilä), her father...

CRIMES OF THE FUTURE Teaser: Cronenberg is Still The Master of Body Horror

Two words for you: Viggo and Cronenberg. Two more words for you: Body Horror.

Blu-ray Review: THE DEAD ZONE Remains Devastating, Prophetic

The Dead Zone. I've seen this 1983 film several times, and with each viewing, I love the film more. Scream Factory's recently released collector's edition of The Dead Zone is the definitive home "video" version (at least so far). Directed...

SPARE PARTS Interview: Director Andrew Thomas Hunt on Finding Balance Between Entertainment and Exploitation

In Spare Parts, Andrew Thomas Hunt’s second directorial effort, an emerging all-female punk rock band from Canada – called Ms .45 – is touring the United States. Not long after one of their seedy bar gigs turns into a brawl, the four...

Blu-ray Review: An Entirely Archival Criterion Release of David Cronenberg's CRASH Can't Help But Feel Very 2020

Advice to Torontonians: Don't watch 'Crash' during a pandemic in December

Shudder in January: HUNTED And THE QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC Kick Off The New Year

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though it's still a long one. AMC's streaming service Shudder has helped us get through this shit show of a year and it looks like the start of 2021 will be...

70s Rewind: RABID, How to Stop a Pandemic

Marilyn Chambers and Frank Moore star in a Canadian chiller by director David Cronenberg.

Coming Soon on Criterion: AMORES PERROS, CRASH

'Symbiopsychotaxiplasm' and 'Mouchette' will also make their Blu-ray debuts in December 2020 from The Criterion Collection.

VIVARIUM Interview: Director Lorcan Finnegan On His Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Horror Allegory Of Suburban Life Monotony

In Lorcan Finnegan’s Vivarium, which world premiered at last year’s Critics’ Week (parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival), a young couple is looking forward to take the next step in their relationship: get their own home. Guided by an...

Neuchatel 2018: Gaspar Noe's CLIMAX Takes Top Prize

Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival drew its curtains on another year with its Closing Ceremony and the announcement of its awards. Legendary director David Cronenberg took the role of President of the Jury this year and so was able to...

Now on Blu-ray: eXistenZ & THE GRIFTERS From 101 Films Black Label

UK cult home video specialists 101 Films recently launched a new line of limited edition releases under the banner 101 Black Label. The first two films to get the deluxe treatment are David Cronenberg's eXistenZ and Stephen Frears' The Grifters....

Mondo/Death Waltz Tackle Three More Shore-Cronenberg Scores

While David Cronenberg’s contributions to cinema have not been understated, the focus has, historically, been paid towards the director’s unique visual and metaphorical blend of sex and violence. He has contributed an immense amount to the body horror subgenre —...