Overlook 2023: Three More Titles Added! THE DEAD ZONE, IT LIVES INSIDE And It's a Secret!

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Overlook 2023: Three More Titles Added! THE DEAD ZONE, IT LIVES INSIDE And It's a Secret!
With just over two weeks to go before this year's edition of the Overlook Film Festival three more titles have been added to the program. 
We can tell you what two of them are: a 40th anniversary screening of David Cronenberg and Stephen King's The Dead Zone, starring Christopher Walken, and It Lives Inside, the debut feature film from director Bishal Dutta. Our own Josh just caught the film at SXSW this past weekend
It Lives Inside explores this raging inner war in the form of a monster movie, a monster from the old world who knows more about you that you know about yourself. A monster who tracks its prey across time and space, a monster who can only be conquered by acknowledgement and celebration of culture, of the very things that make you, you, even if you reject them. It certainly helps that it has some pretty great scares, solid performances from the main cast, and a good-looking monster.
The third screening is a secret screening, and you know part of the fun is finding out what it is when you're there. 
With the announcement came updates on the immersive program, urging festival goers to book ahead. Wherever there is information unique to that program we've put links to those pages on the Overlook website.
Have a read through the announcement below. 
With just 17 days until opening night, we're delighted to admit that we've done it again with the announcement of THREE NEW TITLES to our monstrous lineup, one of which is so terrifying, we're keeping it hush hush. 
Tickets for individual films are ON SALE NOW.
Join us for a scary good time.
After all — you've always been here. 
2023 Centerpiece Presentiation
Director: Who knows?
Cast: Perhaps…
Try and guess our Secret Screening. As is tradition, we'll never tell. Leave your expectations at the door. Knowing in advance would defeat the purpose. To spoil the surprise would, of course, be cheating. Only those brave enough to enter the theater will revel in the reveal. Marvel at one of the most exciting new titles of the year. End your Friday night here, and you won't be sorry. 
40th Anniversary Screening
Join THE KINGCAST, with host Eric Vespe, guest co-host Bryan Fuller, and special guest David Farrier as they prepare to enter THE DEAD ZONE. Christopher Walken stars as a schoolteacher who wakes up from a five-year coma with psychic powers. Wary of his newfound abilities, he retreats from the world, but when he has a horrifying vision of things to come, he fights to find out if he can only see the future or if he can change it. David Cronenberg directs this Stephen King adaptation.
It Lives Inside Overlook.jpg
Sam is desperate to fit in at school, rejecting her Indian culture and family to be like everyone else. When a mythological demonic spirit latches onto her former best friend, she must come to terms with her heritage in order to defeat it.
Directed by Bishal Dutta, starring Megan Suri, Neeru Bajwa, Mohana Krishnan, Betty Gabriel and Vik Sahay.
Doctor Fearless.jpg
Checking in to the Overlook: DOCTOR FEARLESS!
Scream! Scream for your life! The previously announced screening of William Castle’s 1959 feature The Tingler, selected for the festival by legendary filmmaker Joe Dante, will also include a special In person  introduction by TV horror host Dr. Fearless as portrayed by LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL’s David Dastmalchian.
My project-1.jpg
Advanced registration is required for all immersive experiences, and each experience or performance will require a separate ticket. While registration is now open for all Passholders, tickets go on sale to the general public on March 15th, 9 AM CST.
To find out more about how to sign yourself up for a personal date with the unknown, visit our website.
Immersive Performance
Extremely Limited Availability
Creator: Evan Neiden / Candle House Collective
"You believe me, don’t you?” You get a call from a young man named Danny. There’s a monster in his closet, and he needs your help. But as the call goes on and more sinister intentions are revealed, it begs the question: which side of the closet door is the danger really on? Claws is a 45-minute interactive thriller for one person to experience via a phone call. It’s a spine-chilling realization of childhood nightmares, exploring themes of trust, identity, and forgiveness. Your choices matter as the story unfolds, in an experience critics have called “bold and risky” and “the scariest immersive experience we’ve ever had”.
Runtime: Approx. 45 minutes. Participants: 1 per slot. Cost: $45
Immersive Performance
Creators: E3W Productions
E3W Productions returns to Overlook with their inspired brand of immersive horror! Paige has always thought there was something wrong with her little brother’s bedroom: the floorboards creak, the walls groan, and something scratches at the door at night. Now, with the help of some new friends, Paige intends to confront the monster lurking in the shadows. E3W Productions invites you to step inside a child’s bedroom and come face to face with a young girl’s worst nightmares in this standalone scene from their acclaimed 2018 show In Another Room. 
Runtime: Approx. 15 minutes. Participants: up to 4 at a time. Cost: $20
Immersive Performance
World Premiere
Presented By The Academy of Magical Arts
Creator: Jared Kopf
The Oracle is an all-new, one-on-one immersive theater experience from Tarologist and Soothsayer Jared Kopf. You will enter a room alone. Questions will be asked. Opportunities will be given. Futures will be revealed.
Runtime: Approx. 15 minutes. Participants: 1 per slot.
Cost Of Admission: a dead man’s tooth
Immersive Performance
Extremely Limited Availability
Creator: Yannick Trapman-O’Brien
Undersigned is a psychological thriller for an audience of one. Depending on your choices, it will last between 35-50 minutes. Your participation will involve an invocation, a blindfold and a pointed discussion. The topics of this discussion will vary based on your input, and may include — but are not limited to — Money, Power, Sex, Pleasure, Violence, Blood, Body Horror, Moral Horror, Economic Horror, Wild Conjecture and the Occult. ‚Äč Called “One of the Best Immersive Experiences of 2022” by No Proscenium, Undersigned is decidedly in-person — and you will be required to sign a waiver. Extremely limited availability.
Runtime: Approx. 60 - 90 minutes. Participants: 1 per slot. Cost: $65
Overlook How to Fest.jpg
As we creep and crawl our way towards Opening Night, we'll he sharing some tips and tricks to enjoying Overlook to it's frightening fullest!
Tip #1: Arrive early. This will be a year to remember, and passholders are encouraged to arrive early to ensure priority access for their first-choice screenings. We will seat all individual ticketholders 15 minutes prior to showtime.
NEW to Overlook this year — want to fest but work the weekend shift? Join us for our first ever Locals Day on Monday, April 3rd, which will hold additional screenings.
For more on lodging, air travel, and more, visit our website.
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