SPARE PARTS Interview: Director Andrew Thomas Hunt on Finding Balance Between Entertainment and Exploitation

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In Spare Parts, Andrew Thomas Hunt’s second directorial effort, an emerging all-female punk rock band from Canada – called Ms .45 – is touring the United States. Not long after one of their seedy bar gigs turns into a brawl, the four young women (Emily Alatalo, Michelle Argyris, Kiriana Stanton and Chelsea Muirhead) end up living a nightmare.

The main scenario of the movie is a scrapyard, where the unthinkable happens. Women and men are subjected to a crazy surgery, their limbs are replaced with weapons such as an ax, a chainsaw or a flamethrower. Eventually, they become modern gladiators, under the yoke of the so-called Emperor (Julian Richings), his son (Jason Rouse) and other followers who want to please the gods with the spilling of blood.

Spare Parts arrives 11 years after Hunt’s debut feature Sweet Karma, a revenge film about a Russian woman (Shera Bechard) who travels to Canada in search of her missing sister, determined to face a criminal network that exploits female immigrants.

I interviewed Hunt now that Spare Parts is available on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD. In the gallery below you can find his thoughts on women-centric violent movies, the current state of genre cinema, and more.

Andrew Thomas Hunt on making women-centric violent films

I don’t want to say that I consider myself a feminist. I’m certainly glad that we’re now at an age where more female filmmakers can be making films and getting their voices heard. It’s a tough subject matter as a male director to tackle because you certainly don’t want to be exploitative but, at the same time, you also want to entertain. So it’s finding that fine balance between entertainment and exploitation.

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