Screen Anarchists On DUNE: PART TWO

Back when we created our ScreenAnarchy top-10 list of 2021, I lamented the fact that I didn't rally our troops to make a group review for Denis Villeneuve's Dune. Because even though the film topped the leaderboard that year, opinions...

ALL THE BEAUTY AND THE BLOODSHED Blu-ray Review: Refusing the Blood Money

Laura Poitras' biography of Nan Goldin has so much more to say about the moral obligations of art and artists in an unhealthy world.

TRAINSPOTTING 4K Review: Still Lusty After All These Years

Home theatre nerd that I am, I do love it when the Criterion Collection calls in its old laserdisc releases and puts them out in the modern label. Danny Boyle's 1996 culture bomb, Trainspotting, was immediately ported to the Collection...

ScreenAnarchy's Top 10 Films of 2023

Hello all of you readers, and the best wishes for 2024 from all of us here at ScreenAnarchy! One of those best wishes is that we hope you will all see many good films. May our enjoyment of cinema be...

FURIOSA: Giving the Heroine a Prequel Plays a Dangerous Game

This essay, originally titled "The Days I Don't Remember," appeared as backmatter for high-tier Kickstarter backers of my book, The Cinema of Survival: Mad Max Fury Road. I've edited and updated it now that the Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga...

THE LAST PICTURE SHOW 4K Review: Peter Bogdanovich's American Elegy

The film feels startlingly timeless. The Criterion Collection pulls every conceivable supplement and special feature for this 3-disc set, including 'Texasville.'

DRYLONGSO Blu-ray Review: Serial Killer Stalks Young Black People

Directed by Cauleen Smith, Toby Smith and April Barnett star in the 1999 drama, now available from the Criterion Collection.


It seemed like a joke when the news broke that Harrison Ford, at the time almost 80 years old, would take up the hat and whip for another turn as the intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones. But lo-and-behold, there it...

ScreenAnarchy's Top 10 Films Of The First Half Of 2023

Thanks to February being so short, the first of July is technically still in the first half of the year. It was only yesterday at noon that we all moved into the second half, but we're here now and that...

THELMA & LOUISE Blu-ray Review: Soaring Into the Criterion Collection

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis star; Ridley Scott directed. An American studio masterpiece has never looked better.

Bring Back Short Round!

(Editors' note: first published March 15, 2016, we're republishing Matt's 'Destroy All Monsters' column in honor of Ke Huy Quan's Academy Award nomination for his performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once, as well as (finally!) the forthcoming release of...

Blu-ray Review: BERGMAN ISLAND, Mia Hansen-Løve Muses on Muses

Criterion returns to the Ingmar Bergman well, albeit indirectly.

ScreenAnarchy's Top 10 Films of 2022

What, it's 2023 already? You're kidding, right? Alas, 2022 has come and gone, as long as every other non-leap year but seeming shorter than most nonetheless. But as Yoda says "Size matters not", so we asked our writers to send...

4K Review: Wong Kar Wai's IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE Looks Sumptuous

The World of Wong Kar Wai steps into UHD and, surprise surprise, it looks fantastic.

Celebrating David Cronenberg: Hollywood and Beyond

In celebration of Crimes of the Future, a new film by David "Mr. Canada" Cronenberg that will open in North American movie theaters on Friday, June 3, we're looking back at his distinguished career this week. Filmmaker David Cronenberg recalls...

Blu-ray Review: BOAT PEOPLE Shows What War Leaves In Its Wake

Ann Hui's devastating 1982 portrait of postwar Vietnam and its refugees is despairingly relevant, even timely, in 2022.

Blu-ray Review: TIME, Spellbinding Work Of Lived, and Living, Memory

It's striking to me how much joy there is in Garrett Bradley's 2020 documentary, Time. It overflows with it. It earns those moments of overflowing. This is a slim 81-minute feature that essays 20 round years of what would be,...

Blu-ray Review: With Bittersweet Timing, Criterion Unveils MELVIN VAN PEEBLES: ESSENTIAL FILMS

The five-disc set holds six feature films and abundant additional material to honour the late director, a voracious and pluralistic cinematic voice.

Blu-ray Review: LOVE & BASKETBALL Still A Gem, 20 Years Later

Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps star in director Gina Prince-Blythewood's debut feature, which joins the Criterion Collection.

Blu-ray Review: STREETWISE and TINY, Criterion's Latest Double Feature, Spans A Lifetime

content warning: addiction, child sexual abuse, suicide Devastated by the Boeing Bust in the early 1970s, Seattle remained on shaky economic ground for years -- with a nation-leading unemployment rate and a rock-bottom minimum wage. In the shadow of this...