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As we head full-bore into the weekend, after Canada Day and before Independence Day, our friends in Switzerland are focusing on presenting wonderful genre films to fully engage the hearts and minds of wise local citizens and discerning visitors.

Today's lineup includes Falcon Lake, touted as a "ghostly summer story" -- one of our writers claims it is very good, though his review will have to wait a bit -- as well as Shin Ultraman, a Japanese film described as "nostalgic Kaiju eiga," which is enjoying its International Premiere and definitely sounds like my kind of jam.

What can we tell you about films we have already seen and reviewed? Please click through the gallery below for brief impressions.

Something in the Dirt
Screens today at 16:45, again on Wednesday evening, and a third time next Saturday afternoon. Visit the official festival page to learn more.

Your afternoon automatically got better if you have decided to see the latest from Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson. Sarah Adina Smith also stars.

"Recently arrived in a low-grade Los Angeles rental, Levi Danube meets and quickly befriends his new neighbour John Daniel, who has been living in the building for about 10 years. He tells Levi his new apartment hasn’t been occupied for a long time. He quickly understands why when strange things start appearing in his home. With John’s help, he will try to make sense of them by filming every step of his investigation."

Reviewing the film out of the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, our own Shelagh Rowan-Legg wrote in part: "Delving once again into the metaphysical and its shadowy yet pervasive hold, Something in the Dirt takes a labyrinthian walk through the minds of two lonely and somewhat shifty men, something of a return to Benson and Moorhead's indie roots and yet an expansion on the unique world they've created in their films."

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