Toronto After Dark 2016: THE VOID, CREEPY and UNDER THE SHADOW Lead First Wave

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Here in Toronto one of the highlights of the Fall movie season is the annual Toronto After Dark film festival. The annual congregation of genre cinemas dependees will meet again at the Scotiabank Cinema from October 13th through 21st. 

So. What do they have so far? I think the biggest and most anticipted title in this first wave has to be The Void, the home town screening if you will. Grazing in the green grasses of the art house scene are films like The Lure and Under the Shadow. Things get proper weird in Antibirth and Takashi Miike's As The Gods Will. Japanese horror master Kurasowa Kiyoshi's Creepy should have you cheering by the end. If you like your comedy how you like you coffee, black no sugar, then Trash Fire will be a proper challenge for you. It looks like zombie day will take a vacation to The Rezort. John Travolta and Ethan Hawke shoot up the wild west in the western In A Valley of Violence. And if you wanted to see what would happen if Johnny 5 really lost his shit then Kill Command looks right for you. 

Throughout the gallery below you will find descriptions of all the films, scrounged from all corners of the web, plus trailer and clips for each film so far. Peruse as you will and we will see in the Dark. 

You can purchase the All-Access pass here, but hurry, they are almost sold out. 

Kill Command - Set in a near future, technology-reliant society is creating killing machines. Against this backdrop an elite army unit is helicoptered in to a remote, off-the-grid island training facility, to test the capabilities of the latest prototypes. They set up positions and make short work of the AI targets in the killing field. However, overnight their sentry goes missing, and when they find the corpse the next day they find themselves in the killing field and the tables have turned. The marines fight to survive on an island is overrun by an enemy intelligence far beyond their predecessors, which learns from their every move.

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