Texas Frightmare 2018: Film Fest Lineup Includes Miike, AMERICAN GUINEA PIG, Italian Classics, World Premieres, and More!

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The 13th annual Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention is about a month away, and the team behind one of the country's best conventions has given ScreenAnarchy a first look at their film festival selections for 2018.

In the past, Texas Frightmare Weekend has played host to screenings of films like Neil Jordan's Byzantium, Sushi Typhoon favorites like Helldriver, '80s throwback killers like Kurando Mitsutake's Gun Woman, and many many more exciting projects. This year's lineup is one of their most impressive yet, with a number of features and shorts from all over the world.

Filmmakers represented include Miike Takashi with As the Gods Will, Bruno Mattei with Shocking Dark, Claudio Fragasso (who will also be in attendance) with Demons 4, and some exciting indie premieres from local and international filmmakers alike. Check out the materials below for all the details!



Dallas, TX, April 3, 2018: Texas Frightmare Weekend Presented by Arrow Video is back for blood this May 4-6, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport. Now celebrating its 13th terrifying year and continuing their wildly popular free film festival to all TFW pass holders! Feature and short films will be screening from Funimation, Severin Films, Millman Productions, Unearthed Films and several indie companies all weekend long. Plus a rarely seen feature film from Japanese director Takashi Miike!

Be careful what you wish for… Funimation presents prolific Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike’s film As the Gods Will. High school student Shun Takahata is bored. Bored with the day-to-day monotony of school and life, he prays for change, for something exciting. The last thing he expects is for the gods to answer. Up against terrifying creatures, from a talking Daruma doll to a sharp-clawed lucky cat, Shun and his classmates are forced to play deadly versions of children’s games. Many play, few survive. And as their numbers dwindle, they’re taken into a mysterious cube in the sky where they face more trials. The world is watching as God’s Children play, but when only a handful remain, distrust burns strongly between them. Who’s here to win, and who’s here to survive? One thing’s for sure—facing death is one way to cure boredom!

WORLD PREMIERE!The Toybox - An estranged family take a trip to the desert in their used RV but become stranded and isolated in the scorching terrain. They soon learn their RV holds terrible, haunting secrets, and it starts killing them off one by one.

WORLD PREMIERE!Ouija House - To help her down-on-her-luck mother, a graduate student brings her friends to a mysterious house where they plan to do research for a book project. But they inadvertently summon an evil entity with plans of its own. Starring Tara Reid, Dee Wallace and Mischa Barton.

WORLD PREMIERE! In Death Kiss a vigilante with a mysterious past tries to rid a city of crime as he protects a young mother and her child. Starring Robert Kovacs, Daniel Baldwin, Eva Hamilton, Stormi Maya, Leia Perez.

Severin Films presents a stellar duo of Italian movie madness from the filmmaking team behind “Best Worst Movie” Troll 2 Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi with Shocking Dark and Zombie 4! Additionally, Fragasso and Drudi will be in attendance all weekend long!

Shocking Dark - For director Bruno Mattei (VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN’S PRISON) and co-writers Claudio Fragasso & Rossella Drudi (TROLL 2), their final – and most notorious – collaboration went beyond brazen plagiarism to become a fearless act of deranged genius: In this bravura rip-off of both ALIENS and TERMINATOR, a team of badass marines, a tough female civilian and an orphaned girl battle monsters beneath the Venice canals while being chased by an indestructible killer cyborg. Have we mentioned the overwrought dialogue, over-the- top performances and ultimate WTF? twist ending? Geretta Geretta (DEMONS) and Tony Lombardo (RATS: NIGHTS OF TERROR) star in this “schlockfest of awesome” (Cool Target) – actually released outside the U.S. as TERMINATOR II and ALIENATORS and never before available in America – now scanned in 2k from the Director’s Cut negative discovered in a Rome lab vault.

Severin also presents Fragasso and Drudi’s Zombie 4! Searching for long-lost parents, a woman and her mercenary force battle a mad voodoo priest who unleashes a swarm of zombies upon a peaceful tropical island!

You won’t be coming home for Christmas! Stirring is a retro slasher from director Troy Escamilla (Party Night). Students attending a Christmas party at a sorority house with a sinister past are stalked by a bloodthirsty killer disguised as Mrs. Claus.

Other frightening feature film presentations include animated documentary Borley Rectory narrated by Julian Sands chronicling what came to be known as 'The most haunted house in England'; The Catholic Church is trying to save an innocent soul from the ravages of satanic possession. Wave after wave of holy men are sent to confront the possessed in Unearthed Films’The Song of Solomon; the very rarely seen Dallas, TX made 1985 horror anthology Tabloid featuring three stories inspired by paranormal tabloid headlines: "Baby Born With Full Beard", "BBQ Of The Dead" and "Killer Vacuum Destroys Town". Starring a yet to be discovered Lisa Loeb!

Feature length documentary The Mothman of Point Pleasant examines the intriguing case of the infamous Mothman through eyewitness testimony and the perspective of Point Pleasant citizens. The film focuses on the 13 months between the first official Mothman sighting in November 1966 and the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in December 1967.

Deviant Behavior features appearances by cast members from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). A masked self-made transgender, on a twisted mission to become the most beautiful women in town, is interrupted by Charlie Reese, a sleazy private detective who has discovered her world of torture and depravity.

Short films include The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds, Third Wheel, We Summoned a Demon, BEC: Black Eyed Child, Birthday, Your Appraisal and Spooksbury.

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