SEPTIC MAN: The Director Approved Drinking Game!

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SEPTIC MAN: The Director Approved Drinking Game!
Jesse Thomas Cook's Septic Man is available on VOD in the U.S. today (August 12th) and will open in select cinemas on Friday, August 15th. 

For those of you who will be watching the film at home we have come up with a drinking game with the help of the director himself. Cook did a quick review of his film and has some suggestions if you want to go really hard core. 

To start, chug a beer whenever someone pukes. This happens often enough that you will get hosed. 

And if you want to get completely annihilated then also drink when someone drinks sewage or blood, or, when someone opens the lid to the sewer. 

Now, we want everyone to have fun with any movie they watch. We'd rather you enjoy the film 
than forget what you did for a couple hours and wake up with city workers trying to get you and your friends out from under the sewer grates as you take turns yelling, "No! I AM SEPTIC MAN!"

Have fun. But be safe. 
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