Watch The Disgusting Red Band Trailer For SEPTIC MAN

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Watch The Disgusting Red Band Trailer For SEPTIC MAN
When you set out to make a movie called Septic Man you have to figure it's a bit of validation, a bit of a pat on the back and job well done, when the MPAA assesses you an R rating for "Disturbing vile and gruesome images, violence and language." Disturbingly vile sounds about right for this one, the story of a plumber trapped in an underground tank slowly transforming into a sort of sewage monster from the pen of Pontypool writer Tony Burgess.

How icky do things get? With the release coming up via Starz (VOD August 12, theaters August 15, DVD August 19) there's a red band trailer below to give a sniff. Hold your nose and plunge in ...
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