Watch The First 3 Minutes Of BIG ASS SPIDER!

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Watch The First 3 Minutes Of BIG ASS SPIDER!
Big Ass Spider. the crowd-pleasing favorite from the festival circuit, has had its limited theatrical run and was On Demand on most major platforms, and will be arriving on DVD and Bluray on January 7th. 

To mark the impending release you can watch the opening 3 minutes (ish) of the film for free: 

In this 'Shaun of The Dead' meets 'Tremors' horror-monster-comedy, a failed military experiment results in a 100-foot giant spider rampaging across the city of Los Angeles. When everything else fails, a military unit (RAY WISE and CLARE KRAMER) enlists the help of a clever exterminator (GREG GRUNBERG) and his Hispanic security guard sidekick (LOMBARDO BOYAR) to kill the creature before the entire city is destroyed.

The opening sequence certainly delivers on the title's promise. It is definitely a Big Ass Spider. And I love Storm Large's cover of The Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" 
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