The Stack: Canfield Talks THE SWIMMER, BIG BAD WOLVES, MONSTERS, Olive Films, And William Friedkin's SORCERER

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The Stack: Canfield Talks THE SWIMMER, BIG BAD WOLVES, MONSTERS, Olive Films, And William Friedkin's SORCERER
Welcome back to The Stack. This time I wax rhapsodic on the long awaited and excellent Blu-ray digibook release of William Friedkin's almost lost Sorcerer. Direct from Israel, Big Bad Wolves, the film Quentin Tarantino called "the best film of 2013" (I think he's wrong) is no doubt an excellent horror thriller and makes it's Blu debut. 

Olive Films also contributes four titles. Most important is The Pawnbroker, starring Rod Steiger. Long unavailable, this excellent video transfer brings a lost gem back into view. Betty Boop Volume 3 continues their excellent collection of vintage animated shorts starring everyone's favorite flapper. The unintentionally silly 1968 science fiction actioner The Bamboo Saucer combines cold war tension, gunplay and the worst special effects in recent memory. Lastly from Olive, Bang! Bang! You're Dead! offers up a lightweight romantic spy spoof starring Tony Randall. Big news for horror fans is the emergence of the TV horror anthology show Monsters in a complete 9 disc, 72 episode collection. 

Lastly Grindhouse Releasing knocks it out of the park with a masterpiece edition of the long neglected The Swimmer starring Burt Lancaster. This Blu-ray not only looks absolutely stunning but contains (among many extras) two and a half hours of featurettes gathered together as an interview.  

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Theodore WirthMay 7, 2014 10:26 PM

SORCERER was entertaining but I thought Clouzot's WAGES OF FEAR was superior as was his LES DIABOLIQUES over the U.S. remakes. I admit that some of this can be attributed to Clouzot's ravishing wife, the diminutive actress Vera Clouzot.