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BIRTH/REBIRTH Review: Bold and Brilliant Frankenstein Story for the 21st Century

Laura Moss directed the horror drama, starring Marin Ireland, Judy Reyes, and A.J. Lister. IFC Films releases, only in movie theaters, on Friday.

Review: RESURRECTION, An Irresistible Watch

In writer-director Andrew Semens’s (Nancy, Please) brilliantly twisty, disquieting psychological thriller, Resurrection, his first film since making his feature-length debut a decade ago, the central character, Margaret (an eerily transcendent Rebecca Hall) delivers a stunning, seven-minute monologue to an increasingly...

Review: BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE, Moody, Sizzling Noir From Claire Denis

Directed by Claire Denis, the film contains visual/aural power and beauty, combined with blistering performances by Juliette Binoche and Vicent Lindon. It's damn near a masterpiece, in my book.

Review: FLUX GOURMET, Absurd and Hilarious Culinary Adventures

British director Peter Strickland evokes his chamber sonic horror Berberian Sound Studio in his latest work. Flux Gourmet pushes the envelope further into an absurdist direction, marking his most hilarious venture so far. After his Giallo homage in Berberian Sound Studio, Strickland...

Review: HATCHING, Escapist Fantasy, Mixed with Revenge Horror and Weirdness

Directed by Hanna Bergholm, the horror film from Finland stars Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Jani Volanen, Oiva Ollila and Reino Nordin.

Review: COW, Up Close and Personal

Director Andrea Arnold brilliantly documents the life of a milk cow.

Review: FLUX GOURMET, Visually Seductive, Absurdly Comic

Asa Butterfield, Gwendoline Christie and Ariane Labed star; Peter Strickland ('In Fabric,' 'Duke of Burgundy') directed.

Review: SEE FOR ME, Sneaky Good

Skyler Davenport, Kim Coates and Jessica Parker Kennedy star in a thriller, directed by Randall Okita.

Review: UNDINE Reinvents the Mythical Water Creature Story

Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski star in an alluring tale of romance and betrayal, directed by Christian Petzold.

Germany's UNDINE: Water Creature Swims Toward U.S. Theaters

Director Christian Petzold invariably crafts stories into sterling works of cinematic art. Thus, I'm very glad to hear that last year's Undine is heading to select U.S. theaters, courtesy of IFC Films, starting on June 4. In New York, it...

Review: KINDRED, Mother Does Not Always Know Best

Tamara Lawrance, Jack Lowden and Fiona Shaw star in director Joe Marcantonio's psychological thriller.

Review: THE PAINTED BIRD, Spectacle of Horrors From a Child's Perspective

Stellan Skarsgaard, Harvey Keitel, Barry Pepper, Julian Sands and Petr Kotlar star in Václav Marhoul's dramatic adaptation of a novel by Jerzy Kosiński.

THE RENTAL Trailer: This Will Never Be Over

Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, Jeremy Allen White, and Sheila Vand star in Dave Franco's feature directorial debut.

THE RENTAL: 16 Seconds to Tease a Great Location

To be frank, I am not, in general, a fan of brief videos that tease longer videos, yet I must admit that, nonetheless, the brief video for The Rental intrigues me, despite myself. The 16-second video showcases nothing, really, except...

BABYTEETH Sets U.S. Release: Coming of Age in Australia Is Tough

IFC Films has set a release date in the U.S. for Australian coming-of-age comedy/drama Babyteeth. Lest you fear that is yet one more typical coming-of-age comedy/drama, however, all signs signal 'no, it is not.' Ben Mendelsohn (The Outsider, recently) and...

Review: KNIVES AND SKIN, Strange, Haunting and Quiet Horror

Knives & Skin, Jennifer Reeder's second feature film, is a 'noir' of many colours: part neo, part femme, part pastel; it will likely draws comparisons with Blue Velvet for it's oddball yet seedy town setting; Brick and a lot of...

IFC Films Unlimited Starts Streaming in Canada

Streaming service IFC Films Unlimited, which showcases indie titles from genre label IFC Midnight, as well as IFC Films and Sundance Selects, launches today in Canada. As Deadline explains, the subscription video on demand service has been available in the...

Exclusive DRIVERX Clip: Stop the Ride

'We can't all be brilliant like you, Little Ms. Something!!' is what I wanted to yell at the passenger in this exclusive clip from DriverX. My sympathies lie entirely with the driver, in this case Patrick Fabian, an actor who...

78/52 Trailer Examines PSYCHO's Most Infamous Scene

IFC have released a trailer for the intriguing new Alfred Hitchcock doc, 78/52, which takes a forensic look at Psycho's most infamous scene and how it changed the course of modern filmmaking. The doc is directed by Alexandre O. Philippe...

Interview: Writer-Director Kyle Patrick Alvarez On THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT

When I saw writer-director Kyle Patrick Alvarez's first feature Easier with Practice, based on a short story, I knew to keep this guy on my radar. For a first film on a shoestring budget, the film looks something born out...