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Pink and Grey is the new Orange and Teal. The new film from the strange brain of Miguel Llansó, Infinite Summer, will premiere at Montreal's Fantasia film festival later this summer, however in advance of this, we have this love piece of key art from Llansó's regular illustrator and designer, Jesús María Rodríguez Santos (aka Jesus Rosan).  

We featured Rosan's work previously for the bizarrely specific (also orange and teal) minimalist key art for Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway. Here its a full cyberpunk/anime/narcotic cocktail of smoke and tech. With a fine little curlicue on the R in the title.

The poster is hand painted, which is getting to be a rarer thing in today's world of A.I. generated art and photoshop. But it is the pink halo that caught my attention here, along with the eye contact of, presumably, the film's lead.


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