Festivals: IFFR

Rotterdam 2022 Review: BATTLECRY, An Unfinished Animation Oddity

In the past, the International Film Festival Rotterdam was one of the few events in the Netherlands which allowed audiences to watch Japanese animation, and while that duty has now been taken over by a selection of other Dutch festivals,...

Rotterdam 2022 Review: THE MOLE SONG: FINAL

The International Film Festival Rotterdam wouldn't be itself without having at least one film by Miike Takashi in its catalog. Ever since the maverick filmmaker shocked everyone to the core with his horror thriller Audition, at the 1999 edition of...

Rotterdam 2022 Review: INEXORABLE Cannot Escape Its Expectations

Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz is no stranger here at ScreenAnarchy, as the man has made quite a few eye-catching genre films in the past two decades. His films tend to start as regular thrillers or dramas, but will at...

Rotterdam 2022 Review: ASSAULT, Deadpan Tragicomedy Shocks Less Than It Amuses

From Kazakhstan and director Adilkhan Yerzhanov comes a comic thriller about a teacher and fellow parents deciding to fight back against an armed invasion of their school.

Rotterdam 2022 Review: FREAKS OUT Is Fantastic

Back in 2016, Italian director Gabriele Mainetti won the audience award at the Amsterdam Imagine film festival with his excellent superhero drama They Call Me Jeeg Robot. In a world which started to be seriously oversaturated with superhero films already...

Rotterdam 2022 Review: THE LAST RIDE OF THE WOLVES Shows Much Riding

We've all seen several heist movies over the years, and we know the formula: if the plan gets explained, something goes wrong, if the plan is kept a secret, it seems to go wrong but SURPRISE, that was part of...

Rotterdam 2022: GIVE ME PITY! Teaser Riffs on Variety Shows With Something Sinister Lurking Behind The Scenes

A Primetime Saturday Night Network Television Spectacular starring Sissy St. Claire! Sissy St. Claire graces the small screen for her first ever television special, an evening full of music and laughter, glamour and entertainment! But Sissy’s live event quickly begins...

Rotterdam 2022 Preview: Amanda Kramer Retrospective, Indian Cinema, Promising Newcomers

International Film Festival Rotterdam pivots to a virtual event for its 51st edition due to the latest coronavirus wave.

New York Asian 2021 Review: TIME Is On The Audience's Side

When Ricky Ko's Hong Kong comedy drama Time played at the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year, it nearly won the audience prize. It's a testament to how easy the film is on the eyes, though its charms never...

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: POUPELLE OF CHIMNEY TOWN

Based on a children's book written by Japanese comedian Nishino Akihiro, Poupelle of Chimney Town is an anime film which premièred in Japan on Christmas of last year. That's a fortuitous time of the year to see it for sure,...

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: THE DAY TODAY Fast-forwards To The Past

One of the world premières this year at the International Film Festival Rotterdam was Maxence Stamatiadis' The Day Today (original title Au Jour d'Aujourd'Hui), an intriguing little science fiction film which starts slow, but manages to elegantly get some points...

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: JESUS EGON CHRISTUS, The Gospel of the Brand New World

Paul Arámbula, Sascha Alexander Gersak and Angelo Martone star in a film from Germany, directed by David Vajda and Sasa Vajda.

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: BLOODSUCKERS, Romantic Horror Comedy

Aleksandre Koberidze, Lilith Stangenberg, and Alexander Herbst star in a vampire comedy from Germany, directed by Julian Radlmaier.

Rotterdam 2021 June Part Review: DEATH ON THE STREETS Foretold in the Blue-Collar Elegy

Masculine pride fuels the downfall of a blue-collar worker lacking economic privilige.

DETENTION: Dekanalog Acquires Taiwanese Horror Flick

Gotham-based distributor Dekanalog has picked up Taiwanese horror flick Detention, an adaptation of a video game by director John Hsu. If all goes well they plan to release the pic in theaters, but definitely in virtual cinemas, on October 8th....

Rotterdam 2021 Review: MANDIBLES Is Dumb Fun With A Big Fly

Writer-director Quentin Dupieux cannot be charged with choosing middle-of-the-road subjects for his films. Ever since he made a serial killer thriller about a living car tire with homicidal psychic powers (Rubber, for those interested...), there has been no predicting what...

Rotterdam 2021 Review: LANDSCAPES OF RESISTANCE, Topography of Oppression and Historical Memory

The video-essayistic traveling memoir by Marta Popivoda explores the intersection of historical and personal memory.

Rotterdam 2021 Review: BEBIA, À MON SEUL DÉSIR, Coming of Age in the Georgian Countryside

Debut director Juja Dobrachkous' delivers a formalist spin on a gynocentric coming-of-age story.

Rotterdam 2021 Review: THE WITCHES OF THE ORIENT Celebrates and Experiments With Sports Proficiency

Julien Faraut's 2018 documentary In the Realm of Perfection worked with the recorded footage of a sporting event to speak about philosophy, image creation, editing and the impetus behind proficient sportsmen and women like John McEnroe, the "protagonist" of the...

Rotterdam 2021 Review: THE NORTH WIND, The Ritual of Love and Death in Ornamental Fable on the Treacherous Comfort of Timelessness

Russian filmmaker Renata Litvinova immerses multigenerational magical realist melodrama into opulent theatrical grandeur.