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Rotterdam 2020 Review: NASIR, Stoicism in the Time of Assertive Hindu Nationalism

Tamil indie filmmaker Arun Karthick offers first-hand observations on the impact of Hindu nationalism.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: MEANWHILE ON EARTH, Art and Rites of the Funeral Industry

Carl Olsson's spellbinding documentary blends the banal, the comic and the pragmatic.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: THE GHOSTS, Rags, No Riches in Guatemalan Docudrama

Marvin Navas and Carlos Morales El Punisher star, as filmmaker Sebastián Lojo applies neo-noir lenses to a socio-economic docudrama.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: DRAMA GIRL

People have been making films for well over a century already, so it's quite an achievement when you see something new being tried, without it being so radical that it makes your eyes bleed. A recent example would be One...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: In THE END WILL BE SPECTACULAR, Filmmaking Meets Journalism

The under-reported resistance during the 2016 siege of Sur receives an insider's treatment, while emphasizing female empowerment in the usually male-dominated area of military conflict.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: MOSQUITO

Last Wednesday saw the opening of the 2020 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the film which kicked it off was João Nuno Pinto's Portuguese war drama Mosquito. Based for a large part on the stories his grandfather...

Rotterdam 2020 Interview: Fest Director Bero Beyer Talks Indie Cinema in the Age of Streamers

"It´s a rigged game," IFFR director says, on the situation of independent cinema in the era of constant transformations.

Rotterdam 2020: Heads-Ups And Recommendations

Last evening (January 22nd) saw the grand opening of the 49th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which means that for 11 days, people in the Netherlands can indulge themselves with some serious movie madness. Over 500 titles will...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: KOKO-DI KOKO-DA, Sophomore La-Di-Da

Swedish filmmaker Johannes Nyholm jumped into the limelight of the international arthouse circuit with both feet, sweeping audiences and awards with his feature debut The Giant. It was a touching dramedy, absolved of sentimentality, about an autistic boy separated from...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: MAGGIE, a Wacky and Idiosyncratic Trip Down the Sinkhole

Yi Okseop’s debut film, Maggie, opens with the discovery of a salacious X-ray photograph at the Love of Maria hospital depicting an unknown couple having sex. This opening gag sets the stage for a series of randomly occurring bizarre events...

Rotterdam 2019: What The Audiences Liked Best

Two weeks ago, the 2019 International Film Festival in Rotterdam came to an end. Probably the largest cultural event in the Netherlands, with over 300,000 tickets sold each year, for me it's hard to believe it's already gone again. Time...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: MONUMENT Builds Up To Something Memorable

During her intro at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Polish director Jagoda Szelc stated that in her new feature film Monument, she doesn't try to tell a story. She asked the audience to watch the film with the idea that...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: NONA. IF THEY SOAK ME, I'LL BURN THEM, An Intriguing Mocku-Biopic

Chilean filmmaker Camila José Donoso's third feature manifests formalistic experimentation in docu-fiction and reality aesthetics.

Rotterdam 2019 Review: TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE Takes Different Route Than Usual Eastern European Arthouse Fare

The feature debut of Bosnian-bornm Amsterdam-based Ena Sendijarević goes against the conventions of Eastern European dramas.

Rotterdam 2019 Review: TRANSNISTRA, Intimate, Dreamy Portrait of Youth Stuck in Time and Space

There is an ethereal, evanescent beauty to Anna Eborn's feature-length documentary Transnistra. Six teenagers casually frolic by the river banks in the heat of summer, skipping stones across the water, their silhouettes cast in the pinkish evening glow of the setting...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: SONS OF DENMARK, The Front Row of Extremism Collides in Neo-Noir Thriller

Emerging Danish director Ulaa Salim debuts with a Scandi neo-noir thriller on the verge of political and social issues.

Rotterdam 2019 Review: In PRESENT.PERFECT., Live Streaming and Loneliness Collide

This year's Hivos Tiger Competition winner at the 2019 International Film Festival Rotterdam looks at the phenomenon of live streaming in contemporary Chinese society.

Rotterdam 2019 Review: CAPERNAUM Delivers A Magnificent Punch

Last Friday, at the 2019 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the audience award went to a film which managed to score an average of 4.8 out of 5. That film was writer-director Nadine Labaki's Capernaum, and while it...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: In SHADOW, Zhang Yimou Paints With Black, White And Red

Being a trained cinematographer, Chinese director Zhang Yimou cannot be accused of making ugly films. Be it a small drama or an epic fantasy flick, the man knows how to shoot pretty pictures, so it will be no surprise that...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: HARPOON Shoots Holes In The Concept Of Friendship

(Because it's a speargun, not a harpoon...) Richard, Sasha and Jonah are friends. Richard and Sasha have been together for a while, but Richard suspects Sasha to be cheating on him with Jonah. And, as shown early on, Richard is...