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Rotterdam 2021 Trailer: THE CEMIL SHOW

Next week sees the start of the 50th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and a big party that should have been... if it weren't for the Covid-19 pandemic. As the single largest cultural event in the Netherlands, often...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE

In this strange world we find ourselves in nowadays, one of the things I miss most are film festivals. Not so much because I lack content to watch (my still-to-see-stack is still-too-damn-large), but the atmosphere, the meeting of people I...

Rotterdam Online: IFFR Offers 14-Hour-Long Anthology Film LA FLOR to Watch For Free

One film, six different stories, style and genres, and four actresses in Mariano Llinás' epic work.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: Saeed Roustayi's JUST 6.5 Scores An 8.8

Iran. As a country, we often see it in the news as "the other", a large territory in the Middle East which is, if not outright antagonistic, at the very least totally alien. It's quite an eye-opener when all those...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: SPECIAL ACTORS, Lots Of Fun, Yet Not That Special

Do you want to make sure there is enough positive feedback at your buddy's movie premiere? Would you like to hire a fake new boyfriend to help you break up with your current asshole one? Or have you ever thought,...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: SAINT MAUD Knocks You Down With A Punishing Fist

There are different ways for a film to floor you. Some pull the rug from under you with plot twists and surprises, others take a simple idea and then proceed to push you to the ground with precision and force....

Rotterdam 2020 Review: CHILDREN OF THE SEA Washes Over You Like A Wave

Watanabe Ayumu's newest anime feature is beautifully drawn and features a rousing score by Joe Hisaishi, but the spectacle trumps the plot.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: COOK, F**K, KILL, Greek Weird Wave Meets Psychomagical Realism

Slovakian filmmaker Mira Fornay's original and eerie vision of domestic abuse is a daring psychoanalytical fable.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: THE ALCHEMICAL FURNACE Exposes Surrealist Maestro Jan Švankmajer

Directed by Adam Oľha, the documentary portrait goes behind the scenes on filmmaker Jan Švankmajer's works, opinions and post-retirement phase.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: PARASITE (B&W VERSION)

On the ninth of February 2020, Korean director Bong Joon Ho came, saw and conquered the Oscars with his film Parasite. A week earlier, he came, saw and conquered the International Film Festival Rotterdam. An old friend of the festival...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: PIEDRA SOLA, Andean Ethnocinema Veiled in Mythological Realism

Ancestry, rituals and myths prevail in Alejandro Telemaco Tarraf's ethnological and sensorial docu-drama.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: KALA AZAR, The Theatre of Earthly Poetry

The unassuming romance of two pet cemetery employees evolves into a larger artistic project in Janis Rafa's feature-length docu-fiction debut.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: BEASTS CLAWING AT STRAWS, Crime Comedy of Bloody Errors, Voracious Greed

One bag of money ensures a battle royale in a dark crime comedy by Kim Yong-hoon.

Rotterdam 2020 Interview: Mattie Do Talks About THE LONG WALK

A few years ago, the International Film Festival Rotterdam re-instated its genre segment, the Rotterdämmerung, as part of the general program. And ever since it's back, it is always literally the first part of the programming where I will look....

Rotterdam 2020 Review: NASIR, Stoicism in the Time of Assertive Hindu Nationalism

Tamil indie filmmaker Arun Karthick offers first-hand observations on the impact of Hindu nationalism.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: MEANWHILE ON EARTH, Art and Rites of the Funeral Industry

Carl Olsson's spellbinding documentary blends the banal, the comic and the pragmatic.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: THE GHOSTS, Rags, No Riches in Guatemalan Docudrama

Marvin Navas and Carlos Morales El Punisher star, as filmmaker Sebastián Lojo applies neo-noir lenses to a socio-economic docudrama.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: DRAMA GIRL

People have been making films for well over a century already, so it's quite an achievement when you see something new being tried, without it being so radical that it makes your eyes bleed. A recent example would be One...

Rotterdam 2020 Review: In THE END WILL BE SPECTACULAR, Filmmaking Meets Journalism

The under-reported resistance during the 2016 siege of Sur receives an insider's treatment, while emphasizing female empowerment in the usually male-dominated area of military conflict.

Rotterdam 2020 Review: MOSQUITO

Last Wednesday saw the opening of the 2020 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the film which kicked it off was João Nuno Pinto's Portuguese war drama Mosquito. Based for a large part on the stories his grandfather...