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Because February is mercilessly short March will be here before you know it. No time like the present to bone up on what's coming to Horror Channel next month. 
Horror Channel will host what it's calling Killer Thriller Week staring on the third weekend of the month with back to back nights of premieres of Paradise Cove and Jon Watts' excellent feature film debut, Cop Car. That near little movie starring Kevin Bacon, before he all up and exploded onto the superhero scene, making Sony and Marvel a gazillion dollars. 
Other previous standouts include Await Further Instructions, A Good Woman is Hard to Find and horror comedy Cooties. Everything you need to know about the month of March on Horror Channel follows below. 
Film news (UK): Horror Channel announces Killer Thriller week for March
Plus, there is a UK premiere for the late Johnny Kevorkian’s AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS
Horror Channel turns up the tension in March with KILLER THRILLER WEEK, featuring the UK premiere of mystery thriller PARADISE COVE, staring Mena Suvari and the channel premiere of cat-and-mouse road thriller COP CAR, starring Kevin Bacon. The ultimate 7-day suspense ride also includes Gus Van Sant’s revival of the Hitchcock classic PSYCHO (1988), the 2014 version of erotic thriller THE LOFT starring Karl Urban, Colin Minihan’s deliciously warped WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE, Rod Lurie’s 2011 pulsating remake of STRAW DOGS and BAD SAMARITAN, starring a cunningly murderous David Tennant.
Plus, there are four additional UK TV premieres, highlighted by the late Johnny Kevorkian’s last film, AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, a powder keg of throat-grabbing suspense, Cronenbergian intensity and mind-bending body horror, starring Sam Gittins, David Bradley, Grant Masters and Holly Weston, slasher thriller WIRED SHUT, CASTLE FREAK, Tate Steinsiek’s reboot of the 1995 Stuart Gordon film by the same name and Jesse Thomas Cook’s dark zombie thriller DEADSIGHT.
There are also channel premieres for Abner Pastoll’s superbly crafted urban crime story, A GOOD WOMAN IS HARD TO FIND, which showcases a tour-de-force performance by Sarah Bolger, murderous high-school horror comedy COOTIES, starring Elijah Woods, and German survival horror thriller PREY.
Full film details in transmission order are in the gallery below

Saturday 5 March @ 21:00 – PREY (2021) *Channel Premiere

After his father is tragically killed, Toby is left stricken with guilt. He is begrudgingly enrolled in a program, in which he will spend three days on a remote jungle island. Toby soon finds that this uninhabited island is not so lonely when he meets a mysterious girl. It soon becomes clear that neither of them are safe and time is running out. Someone or something bloodthirsty lurks in the jungle.

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