The Many Faces Of Kevin Bacon

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This week sees the general release of John Watts' thriller Cop Car, starring a terrifically creepy Kevin Bacon. And that immediately settled the issue of who to feature in this week's quiz.

The man, the meme, the heartthrob, the villain... Kevin Bacon has been them all, several times over, often in damn entertaining ways. So once again I'm going to use thirteen pictures of one of my favourite thespians to make a quiz. Click through the images, and guess which movies or shows they're from. No competition, no prizes, just for fun, try to see how far you get without using IMDb!

And I'll post the answers next Thursday, or earlier if someone gets all thirteen of them right.

Kurt Halfyard, Michele "Izzy" Galgana and contributed to this story.

And here he is, as the evil Sheriff Kretzer who gets his Cop Car stolen from him, and who gets increasingly desperate and violent to get it back.

This picture doesn't count yet for the quiz, but all others do. So please browse through the gallery: click on the edge of the picture to get the next one, and see how many of them all you can identify!

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Christopher BrownAugust 7, 2015 10:56 AM

Here's my thinkins:

1. Tremors
2. Animal House
3. Friday the 13th
4. Apollo 13
6. Quicksilver
7. Flatliners
8. Wild Things
9. Footloose
10. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
11. A Few Good Men
13. Hollow Man

Ard VijnAugust 7, 2015 11:00 AM

Apart from number 2, these are all correct. Well done!
That leaves 2, 5 and 12...

SplashsquelchAugust 7, 2015 1:17 PM

12. Beauty shop

SplashsquelchAugust 7, 2015 1:20 PM

Not sure of Number 5. But although Iv'e never seen it I'll try R.I.P.D.

cuckoozeyAugust 7, 2015 3:20 PM

I believe 5 is R.I.P.D.

Ard VijnAugust 7, 2015 6:40 PM

Both correct! That leaves 5...

Ard VijnAugust 7, 2015 6:40 PM


Ard VijnAugust 7, 2015 6:40 PM


Ard VijnAugust 7, 2015 6:50 PM

And that concludes the quiz already! As usual, here are all the correct titles, and the people who first recognized them:

1: TREMORS (Christopher Brown)
2: SLEEPERS (Splashsquelch)
3: FRIDAY THE 13TH (Christopher Brown)
4: APOLLO 13 (Christopher Brown)
5: R.I.P.D. (Splashsquelch)
6: QUICKSILVER (Christopher Brown)
7: FLATLINERS (Christopher Brown)
8: WILD THINGS (Christopher Brown)
9: FOOTLOOSE (Christopher Brown)
10: PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES (Christopher Brown, impressively)
11: A FEW GOOD MEN (Christopher Brown)
12: BEAUTY SHOP (Splashsquelch)
13: HOLLOW MAN (Christopher Brown)