The Fantaspoa Festival Enters The Production Arena With JORGE AND ALBERTO VS THE NEOLIBERAL DEMONS

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What's the next logical step beyond bringing films to audiences? Ask the folks behind Brazil's Fantaspoa Festival and they'll tell you it's actually making the films and then bringing them to audiences.

Fantaspoa have teamed up with Argentina's Desquicio Producciones to create Jorge And Alberto vs The Neoliberal Demons, a film written by and starring Valentin Javier Diment (director of La Memoria Del Muerto) and Gonzalo Quintana with the Quintana Brothers (Gonzalo and Hernan) directing.

Two sorcerers - one young, enthusiast and dreamy; the other older and quite tired - will have to work together in order to fight demons and prevent the world to fall into the hands of the evil neoliberals.
Jorge And Alberto vs The Neoliberal Demons will premiere in May at the upcoming tenth edition of Fantaspoa. Take a look at a first trio of stills below!

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