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It was back in early November 2014 when we first reported on Lex Ortega's feature length debut Atrocious (aka Atroz). At the time, Ortega and his producer Abigail Bonilla had just launched a crowdfunding campaign, looking to finish the film as they had already 35 minutes of footage. While the contributions came on slowly, the campaign was eventually a complete success as they got more money of what they originally wanted. Then, the production of the film began on February 20 and wrapped exactly one week ago, on March 2.

Ortega is well known within the genre circuit for his violent shorts and his recent segment in the horror anthology México Bárbaro, a project that was his idea. Atrocious will be - according to the official press release - "one of the most graphic and gory films ever made in Mexico and possibly ranked in the top 20 of the most brutal films in the world."

It's worth noting that the basis of Atrocious are a couple of short films by Ortega himself (though the second one was never released). I recall watching the original Atrocious short film - which was "censored in five countries for its high level of violence and explicit content" - at Feratum 2013 and noted on my report that, "at least five persons actually gave Atrocious the highest compliment a torture film can hope for by walking out disgusted."

I really hope the feature film turns out to be indeed a truly brutal piece, but we'll have to wait at least some months to find out. "The film is in post-production and should be finished in the second half of 2015, in order to be shown in film markets and the festival circuit", noted the press release.

Meanwhile, ScreenAnarchy is very proud to present the first stills of Atrocious, which you can check out in the gallery below.

In Atrocious, 2 serial killers record their tortures and murders. The police confiscate these "snuff" videos when the men are arrested for causing a traffic accident.

These tapes show very explicitly how human perversity can get, their family background, paraphilias, and psyche of these murderers.

Juárez, a police veteran, has followed their steps closer of what they believe, and he has even manipulate them for being part of his "experiment."

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