Toronto After Dark 2014: The Alphabet, Time Travel And Various Undead Things Highlight First Wave

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Toronto After Dark 2014: The Alphabet, Time Travel And Various Undead Things Highlight First Wave
As we mourn the loss of summer, once the dust has settled here in Toronto in a couple of weeks time, all eyes turn to the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in October. Toronto After Dark is one of our city's premiere purveyors of weird, wonderful and fantastic cinema each year and will be celebrating its ninth edition with style. 

First and foremost, the festival is proud to host the World Premiere of After Dark alumnus John Geddes' Hellmouth. Severed fingers crossed the Exit Humanity director will bring along Hellmouth writer Tony Burgess (Pontypool, Septic Man and Ejecta) for another rousing Q&A session. 

There will be time for a grammar lesson in death with the Canadian premiere of ABCs of Death 2. I see no reason why local boys Steve Kostanski and Chris Nash would not be in attendance to talk about their contributions to this project! 

Aussie scare flick The Babadook is proving to be a popular title on the festival circuit this year. It is a pretty safe bet that Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead will roll out the body count on Zombie Day. It also would be no surprise if Zombeavers does not round out that Z-Day lineup. 

You will either get lost in Elijah Wood's baby blues or Sasha Grey's... ... Sasha Grey really, in Nacho Vigalondo's desktop-cinema thriller Open Windows. Time goes for a loop with The Spierig Brothers` Predestination and Bradley King`s Time Lapse

Rounding off the first ten titles you will also get a chance to see Richard Bates Jr`s comedy horror Suburban Gothic and David Hayter`s action horror Wolves

It is shaping up to be a pretty cool fall season of horror, thrills and chills at Toronto After Dark from October 16th through 24th.
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