Mexico Picks Its Films For The 2015 Academy And Goya Awards

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Mexico Picks Its Films For The 2015 Academy And Goya Awards

The road to the 2015 Oscars has began in Mexico with the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (AMACC) revealing which movies are competing to represent the country at the world's most famous film awards. 21 films will be considered for the Oscars and only one will eventually become Mexico's official submission; then the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will nominate it or not for the Foreign Language Film category. 

Even though the Cantinflas biopic and Luis Estrada's La Dictadura Perfecta are yet to be released, I would put them as clear favorites. The rest are much smaller productions, though there's undoubtedly quality films there, such as Workers, Quebranto (my favorite Mexican film of 2013), and The Incident, which is the only genre movie in the selection. Check the full list below:

Cantinflas (dir. Sebastian del Amo)
The Incident (dir. Isaac Ezban)
González (dir. Christian Diaz Pardo)
Güeros (dir. Alonso Ruiz Palacios)
Guten Tag, Ramón (dir. Jorge Ramírez Suárez)
H2Omx (dir. José Cohen, Lorenzo Hagerman)
Huérfanos (dir. Guita Schyfter)
Inercia (dir. Isabel Muñoz Cota Callejas)
La Dictadura Perfecta (dir. Luis Estrada)
Las Lágrimas (dir. Pablo Delgado)
La Revolución de los Alcatraces (dir. Luciana Kaplan)
Mi Amiga Bety (dir. Diana Garay)
Mi Universo en Minúsculas (dir. Hatuey Viveros)
Obediencia Perfecta (dir. Luis Urquiza)
Paraíso (dir. Mariana Chenillo)
Purgatorio: A Journey Into the Heart of the Border (dir. Rodrigo Reyes)
¿Qué Sueñan las Cabras? (dir. Jorge Prior)
Quebranto (dir. Roberto Fiesco)
The Last Call (dir. Francisco Franco)
Volando Bajo (dir. Beto Gómez)
Wokers (dir. José Luis Valle)

At the same time, the Mexican Academy also confirmed the films for the Goya Awards. It's the same list, with the exception that both The Last Call and Las Lágrimas are not being considered for the Goya. 


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