Latin Beat: Mexico's Romantic Comedies, Plus CANTINFLAS; Peru's Apocalyptic Comedy JAPY ENDING

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Mexico is in love with romantic comedies at the moment, according to Eric Ortiz Garcia, our correspondent in Mexico, and that includes the upcoming Casi Treinta and Amor de Mis Amores. He's already seen one, so he has comments on that, plus the trailers for both. He also has a Spanish-language trailer for Cantinflas, a bio-pic about the popular star. 

Meanwhile, Ernesto Zelaya Minano tells us that Peru is expecting the apocalyptic comedy Japy Ending, which features a "who's who" of local celebrities. He's got the trailer, too. 

Plus, just for fun: the Spanish-language poster for Guardians of the Galaxy, which releases August 1 and is pretty much the same all around the world ...

Eric Ortiz Garcia and Ernesto Zelaya Miñano contributed to this story.

Trailers For Mexican Romantic Comedies ALMOST THIRTY And AMOR DE MIS AMORES
Reported by Eric Ortiz Garcia in Mexico

While some worthy films have surfaced within the festival circuit (i.e. The Hamsters), Mexican cinema is still having a pretty weak year at the multiplexes. And now, halfway through the year, things don’t seem to be changing one iota, with yet another two romantic comedies on their way.

The first official trailers for Alejandro Sugich’s Almost Thirty (Casi Tr3inta) and Manolo Caro’s Amor de Mis Amores made their debut recently, promising more of the same rom-com formula.

Actually, I watched Almost Thirty when it world premiered at Guanajuato 2013. I wrote the following in my review: “Just like Nosotros Los Nobles, Almost Thirty features characters who are rich people. Just like any romantic comedy, this movie has two characters in love who later break up to finally meet again. It especially reminded me of the Italian rom-coms The Last Kiss and Sorry, If I Love You, where an adult man falls for a much younger woman, and where relationship' crises are explored.”

Judging only from its trailer, Amor de Mis Amores seems to be very, very similar, as both movies work around an upcoming weeding and try to explore the difficulties of love relationships.

Almost Thirty hits Mexican cinemas on August 21, while Amor de Mis Amores is set to be released on September 4 (expect my review for the latter). You can watch the trailer for Almost Thirty and click through to the next slide to watch the one for Amor de Mis Amores, if this is your sort of thing.

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