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The Novelist's Films: Cinema of Nuri Bilge Ceylan

If Ceylan's previous films gave you the impression that he's making wordy filmed plays in a spectacular setting, 'About Dry Grasses' will surprise you.

Cannes 2023 Review: ABOUT DRY GRASSES, Turkish Drama Is Too Profound By Half

Nuri Bilge Ceylan returns with his seventh consecutive Cannes Competition entry, another sprawling three-hour plus drama about the human condition.


This poster, for Palme d'Or winning Triangle of Sadness, will turn some heads, although maybe in disgust. Projectile vomit is a way to grab attention. The highly-stylized 'liquid gold' look of it, which I am sure is intentional, is perhaps...

Venice 2021 Review: REFLECTION, Resonant, Formalist Look at Russo-Ukrainian War

Akin to the works of Swedish master Roy Andersson, sans humor, combined with the gravitas and emotional punch of Andrey Zvyagintsev, the film is sort of a companion piece to 'Atlantis,' featuring truly impactful and impressive filmmaking.

Review: THE ANTENNA Tunes In Surreal Horror Thrills

Gül Arici, Elif Cakman and Murat Saglam star in a horror thriller from Turkey, directed by Orcun Behram, now streaming on Shudder.

Review: QUO VADIS, AIDA?, Searing Indictment of War From Not So Distant Past

Writer/director Jasmila Zbanica presents a powerful, harrowing film, with a stellar performance by Jasna Djuricic in the title role.

Review: STRAY, Born to Be Wild

Elizabeth Lo's mesmerizing documentary follows dogs on the streets in Turkey. That's it, but it's more than enough.

Review: THE ANTENNA, Timely Totalitarian Horror

Directed by Orcun Behram, the horror-thriller stars Elif Cakman, Gül Arici, and Murat Saglam.

Notes on Streaming: Gregg Araki's NOW APOCALYPSE, Singapore's GRISSE, Turkey's IMMORTALS

We've got it all: young people, historical action, and Turkish vampires.

Review: Nuri Bilge Ceylan's THE WILD PEAR TREE Sings Superb Post-College Blues

As always with Celyan's films, watching his latest feels like reading a good, dense book, filled with rich characters and delicious philosophical musings.

Toronto 2018 Review: SIBEL Finds Her Voice

Sibel is a mute woman, who isn’t. She lives in the mountainous Black Sea region of Turkey, with her sister and father, the mayor of Kosköy - “village of the birds” - so called for the local whistling language, which...

Can Evrenol's HOUSEWIFE Trailer Brings the Terror Home

As it unfurled past midnight, I realized that I was in way over my head with the evil on display in Can Evrenol's Baskin. That screening at Fantastic Fest in 2015 left me feeling quite unnerved, beyond what the very...

SICCIN 4 Trailer Delivers Another Burst Of Turkish Horror Madness

Director Alper Mestci will soon return to Turkish cinema screens with Siccin 4, the latest entry into his popular series of local horror films. And Mestci certainly appears to be familiar with the principal rule of sequels - give them...

Locarno 2017 Review: METEORS Exhibits A Poetic Side of Docu-Fiction Hybrids

Turkish filmmaker Gürcan Keltek introduces his first feature-length film Meteors living a double life as a documentary and fiction film while preserving the urgency of its message in both instances

Turkish SciFi Comedy ARIF V 216 Continues The GORA Universe!

It was back in 2004 that Turkish writer and star Cem Yilmaz caught our attention with his very silly - and very fun - scifi comedy G.O.R.A. The story of a Turkish carpet salesman kidnapped by extraterrestrials and plunged into...

COLD OF KALANDAR Trailer: Turkey's Oscar Nominee Stuns

With stunning cinematography shot in seemingly death defying locations high in the Black Sea mountains, Cold of Kalandar looks as visually powerful as it seems emotionally dense.   The film, which Turkey is pushing as its nominee for the category of...

Escaped Cons, A Bow Wielding Bounty Hunter And A Lusty Gorilla In The Trailer For Gonzo Turkish Comedy SEN SAG BEN SELAMET

Turkish director Ersoy Güler appears to have unleashed something gloriously strange with upcoming comedy Sen Sag Ben Selamet. Burçin Bildik stars as an escaped convict on the run and having to cope with all manner of challenges, everything from the...

The one great thing in a very shitty movie.

Movie(making) is a very interesting and sometimes strange medium. For all the masterpieces and great works, which always are and will be a subjective matter, there are an incredible lot of movies that equal to the amount of zzzero, nothing,...

The Director Of SICCIN And MUSALLAT Delivers Fresh Horrors With ÜÇ HARFLİLER 3

Though audiences abroad may not be familiar with the name of Alper Mestçi he has quickly become one of the dominant forces within Turkish genre film. Having started as a writer Mestçi first appeared on the feature scene with 2007...

WTF Is This? Turkey Goes Bollywood In BIR BABA HINDU

In my years following the cinema of India, from big budget blockbusters to no-budget crapfests, I've seen some weird shit. However, nothing from India has come close to preparing me for the mind-bending collision that is Turkey's Bollywood-style musical comedy...