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The one great thing in a very shitty movie.

John Daam
The one great thing in a very shitty movie.

Movie(making) is a very interesting and sometimes strange medium. For all the masterpieces and great works, which always are and will be a subjective matter, there are an incredible lot of movies that equal to the amount of zzzero, nothing, zilch, nul, nichts, rien or mu.  Yes, there a a load of these timewasters, hours of this your life which will never be returned to you, because you were the one to stubbornly have played and watched this on your screen, or even went tot a cinema for it.

But there is a difference in the usual waste of celluloid, tape, digital or whatever format is used to record this drab and the pictures that also have no redeeming quality whatsoever, yet have one  distinct moment of enlightenment, inspiration even revelatory meaning not entirely fitting for the movie it got stuck in.

Please, just to be clear, those moments will not save the movie, it has no right to exist really, and it should be sued for wasting my precious hour and a half.  Or should it be punished with no chance of reversal of the verdict. Surprisingly however the scenes are so remarkable and unfitting with the overall quality of the turkey it is existing in,  that beholding eyes only can take it in as a welcome reprieve of the other wise torturous 90 minutes that are rolled our for them. 

Yes, you are right, you can always stop the movie or leave the theater that you have accidently visited for your masochistic tendencies. 
Due to my curious and hopeful nature i always want to finish a movie till the (much needed) end, in search for some sort of justification why i am doing this to myself.  And there are times went these moments do arrive, be it in a emotional scene, a great plot twist, very functional music or a great special effect, to name a few. 

Needless to say it is hard to come up with titles, because usually i will never see this movie  again or delete it from my videofiles quicker than i can blink my eyes, and at least in this writers opinion some of these movies are beyond redemption. So I can name a few titles and i will tell you what is remarkable about the stinker. Here are a couple of titles with their glitch:  Rocky V - fight between Rocky and Tommy,  X-Tro(1982)- the birth scene,  League of Gods (2016) - that they dared to come up with a cliffhanger for a next movie!,  Cell (2016) -the airport-disaster scene,  Forrest Gump (1994) - the handshake with JFK, Cool World (1992) - the soundtrack.

And i would like to hear from you. Can you come up with other titles and the one thing which you really liked about it?

Thanks and have a good viewing.

John Daam

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