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Panic Fest 2023 Review: INVOKING YELL, Black Metal Blair Witch Invites You Into the Woods

Chilean writer/director Patricio Valladares returns with a new slice-of-life horror film.

FIST OF THE CONDOR Review: You Will Believe This Man Can Fly

Marko Zaror, Eyal Meyer, Gina Aguad, Fernanda Urrejola, and Man Soo Yoon star in a martial arts movie from Chile, directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza.

Review: SEÑORITA 89, Learning to Be Queens Comes at a High Price

Ilse Salas and Ximena Romo star in a dramatic series, created by Lucia Puenzo, with Pablo Larraín on board as an executive producer, debuting on the Pantaya streaming service.

Now on Blu-ray: EMA Burns Bright

Directed by Pablo Larraín, Mariana Di Girolamo and Gael Garcia Bernal star in a pulsating drama from Chile, now on Blu-ray and DVD from Music Box Films.

Tallinn 2021: Exclusive A PLACE CALLED DIGNITY Poster Premiere for Chilean Cult Drama

Chilean director Matías Rojas Valencia enters a cult Colonia Dignidad founded by Nazis in his sophomore feature film

Review: SPENCER, Pablo Lorrain Balances Formalist Approach with Humanism

Kristen Stewart stars in yet another major film from director Pablo Larrain, a modern master in cinema. Do not miss seeing the film on the big screen.

Review: Pablo Larrain's EMA, Torching Traditional Motherhood

A new breed of filmmaking from one of the most talented filmmakers working today.

Friday One Sheet: EMA

After a wee bit of a dry spell, it has been a good week for poster designs released online. There was the "Lone Wolf & Pug" key art from the Fantasia Film Festival, as well as Zhang Yimou's 1930s set...

Now Streaming: Academy Award Nominees ANOTHER ROUND, COLLECTIVE, THE MOLE AGENT

Nominated as Best International Feature Film and/or Best Documentary Feature, all three are now streaming on Hulu.

Now Streaming: EMA, Pyromaniac, Feverish Dance Family Drama By Pablo Larraín

Larraín´s Venice competitor can be seen in a free virtual preview on May 1 at MUBI

Santiago 2019 Review: THE LONGEST DAY, Experiment That Rewards Contemplative Viewers

From Chile comes 'El día más largo,' directed by Diego Escobar.

Jorge Olguin Invites You To Enter LA CASA

Chilean director Jorge Olguin has long been one of that nation's leading lights when it comes to genre film and he'll be returning to screens locally in January with his latest offering La Casa (The House). And, yep, if you...

Santiago 2019 Review: HARLEY QUEEN, Not The Comic Book Adaptation You Were Expecting

Maybe the most daring, interesting, conflicting and controversial Chilean directors working right now are Carolina Adriazola and José Luis Sepúlveda. They've amassed critical praise, as well as hate from other sectors of the Chilean Audiovisual Industry, with a series of...

Review: TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG, Hazy, Coming-Of-Age Mood Piece of a 90s Chilean Summer

Dominga Sotomayor’s Too Late To Die Young is a coming-of-age drama that takes place during the halcyon summer of 1990 in Chile, a time when the nation was slowly emerging from the shadows of a violent military regime. Against a...

Rotterdam 2019 Review: NONA. IF THEY SOAK ME, I'LL BURN THEM, An Intriguing Mocku-Biopic

Chilean filmmaker Camila José Donoso's third feature manifests formalistic experimentation in docu-fiction and reality aesthetics.

EMBRYO: Fresh Images From The New Sci-Fi/Horror Project by Patricio Valladares

If there is one thing that you cannot blame Chilean director Patricio Valladares of being, it is being lazy. Valladares is hard at work on creating a new Sci-fi/Horror mini series called Embryo, plugging away at the pilot. He has...

Review: A FANTASTIC WOMAN, Simultaneously Charming, Serious and Magical

In 2016, Álex Anwandter's Chilean LGBT drama You'll Never Be Alone was one of the films that lit up Berlinale's programme from the heart of Panorama (read the review). And since then, Pablo Larraín has cemented his respected standing with...

Santiago 2017 Preview: Chilean Cinema, Yoko Ono and European Invasion in Santiago

The 13th Santiago International Film festival, introduces more than a hundred international and domestic productions at the Chilean gathering.

Review: In ENDLESS POETRY, Alejandro Jodorowsky Continues to Amaze

Chilean born Alejandro Jodorowsky can be called many things: Mystic, sage, tarot master, director, screenwriter, actor, mime, graphic novel scribe, healer, philosopher, novelist, playwright, spiritual guru. All that and more could fit on his resume... if he was a man...

Berlinale 2017 Review: A FANTASTIC WOMAN, Sebastián Lelio's Masterpiece of Micro-Aggressions

Last year, Álex Anwandter's Chilean LGBT drama You'll Never Be Alone was one of the films that lit up Berlinale's programme from the heart of Panorama (read the review). And since then, Pablo Larraín has cemented his respected standing with...