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Review: GHOST TROPIC, Solidarity in Humanity

Directed by Bas Devos, the drama is quietly enchanting, and delicate in its beauty.

Review: THE ROOM, The Place Where Something Strange Happens

Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens star in a thriller from director Christian Volckman ('Renaissance'), now available on VOD, Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray.

Review: SEA FEVER, Creature Feature Gone Wild

Hermione Corfield, Connie Nielsen, and Dougray Scott star in writer/director Neasa Hardiman's sci-fi horror drama.

Now on VOD: THE OTHER LAMB, Cut Off From Modern Society

Michiel Huisman, Raffey Cassidy, and Denise Gough star in director Malgorzata Szumowska's thrilling horror drama.

Review: VIVARIUM, Your New Forever Home

“The strawberries have no taste.”   This might be my favourite line of dialogue from this high-concept science fiction satire, Vivarium, an Irish-Danish-Belgian co-production that has a go at the middle class American dream.   For decades now, the gargantuan...

Now Streaming: THE ROOM, Where Dreams Become Nightmares

Olga Kurylenko and Kevin Janssens star in a new thriller from director Christian Volckman ('Renaissance') on Shudder.

Exclusive Trailer Premiere: SKIN WALKER, Chilling Terror

What evil lurks in the heart of Europe? Recently emerging from the post-production process, Skin Walker is a psychological horror film from Luxembourg/Belgium that explores a very particular mystery. It's haunted a woman named Regine from her childhood onward. When...

A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART Trailer: Bruising Noir Seeks Redemption

Among the many reasons that I enjoy Shudder, the streaming service, is that they have expanded well beyond horror titles and feature a great variety of genre films. And here's an excellent example. From all appearances, A Bluebird in My...

Interview: Fabrice du Welz Talks About First Love and His New Film ADORATION

For over 15 years, Belgian director Fabrice du Welz has been thrilling and challenging audiences with his transgressive genre features like Calvaire and Alléluia. With his latest film, Adoration, he explores the coming of age of 12-year-old Paul (Thomas Gioria),...

Brooklyn Horror 2019 Review: SEA FEVER, Familiar Setting, Familiar Genre, Distinct Atmosphere

Hermione Corfield stars as a marine biologist in director Neasa Hardiman's feature debut.

New York 2019 Review: ATLANTICS, A Ghost Story with Female Solidarity Twist

Expertly weaving the current headlines of marine disasters and the ghost story with the female solidarity twist, 'Atlantics' has all the right ingredient to be a success story of a small art film breakthrough, recalling 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.'

L'Etrange 2019 Review: THE MUTE Strikes With Brutal Clarity

Bartosz Konopka's film stars Krzysztof Pieczyński, Karol Bernacki, Jan Bijvoet, and Jeroen Perceval.

Toronto 2018 Review: DUELLES (MOTHER'S INSTINCT), Stylish Yet Stunted Nostalgic Thrills

Olivier Masset-Depasse’s Duelles is a product of the times. Though a homage to the thrillers of Hitchcock and the aesthetics of Sirk, Duelles’ conceit is one that banks on obsessions of current pop culture: nostalgia and the resurgence of female-led...

Review: MANDY, Evil Lurks in a Fever Dream Starring Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough star in Panos Cosmatos' feast of visual delights.

Review: LET THE CORPSES TAN, High Style and a Complicated Story

Writing-directing team Hélèn Cattet and Bruno Forzani try something of an experiment with their third feature.

Review: MRS. HYDE, Packing a Punch in Screwball Comedy Form

Serge Bozon's idiosyncratic WWI musical comedy La France impressed me when I watched it some years ago. In it, he demystified war heroics and masculinity with his deadpan humor. In Mrs. Hyde, in his peculiar way, Bozon takes jabs at...

Review: LET THE SUNSHINE IN, Loose and Light Romantic Comedy

I think Claire Denis has been hanging out with Hong Sang-soo a little too much because I never expected her to do a wordy romantic comedy! And the result is delightful! It boasts the best rolling end credit of any...

Notes on Streaming: Brooding BABYLON BERLIN, Gambling KAKEGURUI, Deathly HOTEL BEAU SÉJOUR

Recently, I've been sampling a few non-English series from the past year or so that are available on Netflix. Are any sufficiently intriguing to justify the time investment to binge-watch them in their entirety? Have you seen any less-heralded shows...

Belgium's BLACK Duo Return With Hyper Stylized GANGSTA

If you were to draft up a list of qualities of typically 'Belgian' films, you likely would end up with the description of something an entire world away from Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah's international breakout hit Black, which...

Review: AFTER LOVE, The Anger and Sadness of Divorce

A while ago, a judge in the UK proposed to make it harder for people to get married, and easier for them to get divorced. The logic being, that too many people get married without properly thinking it through; love...